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On this day 30th May 1916

30.5.1916 FONQUEVILLERS: 150 men under CAPTS R SAXBY & J TOLSON dug advanced trench 250 yards linking up with 37th Divn on left. 50 men under CAPT EB JOHNSON wired.

30.5.1916 LONDON GAZETTE: The following is an extract from the London Gazette d/- 30th May 16.

  • Major (Temp Lt Col) G.D. GOODMAN to be Lieut. Col.
  • Captain (Temp Major) A.J. HOPKINS to be Major (May 22nd)
  • Lieutenant (Temp Capt) B. DARBYSHIRE to be Captain (Oct 16th)
  • Lieutenant (Temp Capt) C.B. JOHNSON to be Captain (May 22nd)
  • 2/Lieutenant (Temp Capt) J. TOLSON to be Lieutenant (Temp Capt Oct 16th)
  • 2/Lieutenant (Temp Capt) H.H. JACKSON to be Lieutenant (Temp Capt May 22nd)Officer 30 May 1916

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

30th: 6th Battn Sherwood Foresters joined up advanced trench from right of 36th Division up to a sap North of NORTH FORTIN – distance of some 250 yards.

The trench was also wired – the Battalion received a complimentary telegram from G.O.C. Division for their work.30 May 1916 Telegram

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]

On this day 9th January 1916

9.1.1916 MARSEILLES: Battn less transport detrained at 8 am and marches into SANTI CAMP.

9.1.1916 MARSEILLES: Capt E.B. Johnson rejoined for duty with Battn from Base.

London Gazette of 6.1.1916:

  • Capt A.J. Hopkins to be Temoporary Major d/- Oct 23rd.
  • Lieut H.H. Jackson to be Temporary Captain d/- Oct 23rd.

London Gazette of 7.1.1916:

  • Capt E.H. Heathcote to be Temporary Major d’- Sept 3rd.
  • Lieut F.B. Robinson to be Temporary Captain d/- Sept 3rd.
  • Lieut J Tolson to be Temporary Captain d/- Sept 3rd.

To be Temporary Lieutenants:-

  • 2/Lt C.A. Brown
  • 2/Lt A.B. Wallis
  • 2/Lt G.F. Gardner
  • 2/Lt H.W. Higham
  • 2;Lt. C.E.V. Cree

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

London Gazete 1916

On this day 26th October 1915

26.10.1915 LAPUGNOY: CAPT A. J. HOPKINS took Command of Battalion.

Battalion moved to new billets in BETHUNE.

Oct 26th. Rose about 8 a.m. Packed up in morning & set off at 1-30 to Bethune. Got there about 4 p.m. & were billeted in estaminets – fairly comfortable. Nice day

[3289 Pte George William Beardsley]

 1522 Drummer Benjamin Stubbins1522 Stubbins

Benjamin Stubbins suffered from varicocele and was admitted to the 3rd Stationary Hospital in Rouen and then two months later to the 6th General Hospital. Hi was finally discharged to the 6th Depot on the 14th January 1915 and struck of the roll of Drummer. He rejoined the 1/6th Battalion ‘in the field’ on the 16th March 1916.

Benjamin had been wound previously on the 6th August 1915 and was to be wounded again on the 7th/8th October 1918, at which time he was transferred to England.

1522 Stubbins letter

Benjamin was a labourer at the Hardwick Colliery Company and lived with his parents on Lockerford Lane in Stonegravels. He enlisted as a Drummer on the 3rd January 1912 aged 15 years and 9 months. As such he required a letter of authorisation from his parents.

On this day 25th October 1915

25.10.1915 LAPUGNOY: Fatigue party relieved by a similar party.

Captain A. J. Hopkins and Lt. J Tolson joined for duty.

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

Hopkins AJ

Arthur John Hopkins

Arthur had returned to England on the 12th May 1915 and was transferred to hospital due to eczema. Tolson 1915Joseph Tolson

Oct 25th. Rain nearly all day. Fell in for a lecture at 10 a.m. but dismissed. Another fatigue party for trenches (gas cyls) left in afternoon but I was exempt (res. Sigr) very glad. First fatigue party returned about 8-45 p.m. very wet. Parcel from Pinxton.

[3289 Pte George William Beardsley]