“B” Chapel-en-le-Frith and Hope Valley Company

B Company 1911

Joseph Tolson from Whaley Bridge Gazetted 2nd Lieutenant in 1912 and posted to “B” Company.B Coyb coyChapel Territorials 1915B Company Role

4508, Sergt-Inst Herbert Henry Jackman. France 28.2.15; Drowned 12.10.17.

397 Col.-Sergt. Peter Muir. France 25.6.15; Disemb 28.8.19.

398 Sergt Herbert Nadin. Quarryman from Chapel-en-le-Frith. Disc 14.5.17 (T of E)*.

991 Sergt William Roberts. France 28.2.15; Disc 14.2.16 (age).

401 Sergt John Alfred Waterhouse. France 28.2.15; Disc 12.5.16 (wounded).

A Ashton.

1461 Pte Arthur Allcock. France 28.2.15; Disc 27.7.18 (Tank Corps).

1443 Pte Tom Allcock. Lime Drawer from Chapel-en-le-Frith. France 28.2.15; k/a 1/7/16*.

Ged Barnes.

1809 Leon Barton. Quarryman from Dove Holes France 28.2.15; Disemb 28.1.19 (wounded).

H Bennett.

T Bennett.

W Benstead.

1729 Pte Thomas Beswick. Labourer from Peak Dale. France 28.2.15; Disemb 24.2.19*.

A Bart.

1730 Pte W John Boam. France 28.2.15; Disc 17.7.16.

2045 Pte John Blackburn. Labourer from Peak Dale. France 25.2.15; d/w 6.10.18 (11th Bn)*.

1659 Cpl William Booth. Quarry man from Peak Dale. France 28.2.15; k/a 3.6.17*.

Pte Power.

1526 Pte John Blood. France 1917 (2/6th Battn).

1659 Pte Joseph Byatt. Quarryman from Peak Dale. France 28.2.15; Disemb 15.3.19*.

1806 Pte Joe Bradley. Labourer from Dove Holes. France 28.2.15; Disc 1.11.17 (wounded)*.

391 Pte Stephen Buckingham. Labourer from Town End. France 26.2.15; Dis 31.3.16 (T of E)*.

1575 Pte William Cartledge. Quarryman from Litton. France 28.2.15; k/a 28.7.15*.

1055 Pte John Needham Dakin. Shoemaker from Bradwell. France 28.2.15; Disemb 19.3.19*.

1731 Pte George Davenport. Horse driver from Peak Forest. France 28.2.15; Disemb 27.1.19*.

Pte W Drinkwater.

692 Pte Charles Lampard. Driver from Town End. Disc 14.6.14*.

2304 Pte James Samuel Leech. Quarryman from Peak Dale. France 28.2.15; Disc 3.5.16*.

1711 Pte Wm Littlewood. Carter From Chapel-en-le-Frith. France 18.5.15; Disemb 14.2.19*.

1519 Pte Thomas Wm Lloyd. Stoker from Chapel-en-le-Frith. France 28.2.15; Disemb 24.1.19*.

1721 Pte Bertie Longson. Blacksmith from Chapel. France 28.2.15; Disc 24.6.16 (wounded).

1451 Pte Arthur Martin. Machinist from Chapel-en-le-Frith. Disc 20.8.14*.

2136 Pte Harry Martin. France 28.2.15; Disemb 14.3.19*.

1570 Pte Joseph Martin. Labourer from Chapel-en-le-Frith. France 28.2.15; Disemb 3.3.19*.

1463 Pte Arthur Marchington. France 28.2.15; Comm 2/Lt 24.10.16.

1741 Joseph Longdon Mason. Labourer from Peak Dale. Disc 10.11.14*.

1733 Pte John Thomas Mason. Shunter from Peak Dale. France 28.2.15; k/a 16.4.15*.

1453 L/Cpl William Marchington. France 28.2.15; Disemb 8.7.19.

1664 Pte Jesse Middleton. Labourer from Peak Dale. France 28.2.15; Disc 15.3.19*.

N Worra…

1665 Pte Douglas Mullins. Waggoner from Peak Dale. France 28.2.15; k/a 17.4.15*.

1788 Samuel Mycock. France 28.2.15; Comm 2/Lt 29.8.17.

1405 Pte George FP Nadin. Lime Drawer from Dove Holes. France 28.2.15; k/a 1.7.16*.


1444 Pte Ernest Pass. A labourer from Bugsworth. France 28.2.15; Disc 31.3.20*.

1734 Pte Thomas Owen. Labourer from Peak Dale. France 28.2.15; Disc 28.1.19*.

1666 Pte James William Owen. Lime worker from Peak Dale. Disc 10.8.14*.

W Ponson(?).

RG Radford.

1752 Pte Albert Richardson. Labourer from Chapel-en-le-Frith. France 28.2.15; k/a 15.8.15*.

F Robertson.

1832 Pte Moses Salts. France 25.2.15; k/a 4.11.17.

2030 Pte Richard Evans. Waggoner from Chapel-en-le-Frith. France 25.2.15; d/w 6.7.15*.

1326 Pte Samuel Eyre. Fireman from Chapel-en-le-Frith. Disc 22.8.14*.

1661 Pte James Ferris. Rope runner from Peak Dale. France 28.2.15; d/w 9.8.16*.

2284 Pte Joseph Ford. Labourer from Peak Dale. France 28.2.15; d/w 4.7.15*.

400 Pte Thomas Frith. Labourer from Chapel. France 28.2.15; Disc 4.10.17 (wounds)*.

393 Pte Joel Frith. France 28.2.15; Disemb 27.3.19.

1810 George William Garlick. Quarryman from Dove Holes. France 18.815; Disemb 25.1.19.

2158 Pte Willie Gough. France 25.6.15.

685 Pte Joseph Green. Labourer from Chapel-en-le-Frith. France 28.2.15; Disemb 13.2.19.*

1732 Pte George R Greenhalgh. Electrical driller from Peak Dale. France 28.2.15; Disc 12.5.16.

F Hallam.

2014 Pte Ernest Hallam. Labourer from Town End. France 28.2.15; Disemb 26.2.19*.

1465 Pte Francis Hallam. A farmer from Chapel-en-le-Frith. Disc 2.10.14

1662 Pte Samuel Harrison. A labourer from Peak Dale. Disc 21.3.16*.

939 L/Cpl James Edward Hamer. France 28.2.15; k/a 21.3.18 (2/6th Battn).

1535 Pte Joseph Harold Heather. France 28.2.15; Disc 3.4.16 (wounds).

1321 Pte Percy Heather. Packer from Tubstead Milton. France 28.2.15; d/w 4.7.15*.

3364 Pte William Hill. France 25.6.15; Disemb 11.4.19.

1819 Pte George W Heath. Quarryman from Peak Dale. France 1917 (2/6th); Disemb 17.1.19*.

1663 Pte Henry Hodgkinson. Quarryman from Peak Dale. France 28.2.15; Disemb 27.1.19*.

1740 Pte William Holmes. Labourer from Peak Dale. France 28.2.15; Disemb 28.1.19*.

2204 Pte Fred Hurler. Lime Packer from Peak Dale France 28.2.15; Disc 14.12.17.

1566 Pte Percival Jackson. Dyer from Chinley; Disc 5.8.14*.

J Keeling.

941 Pte William Kirkham. France 28.2.15; Disc 30.5.17.

F Salts.

1002 Pte Herbert Schofield. Labourer from Hathersage. France 28.2.15; Disc 16.10.17*.

2038 Pte Edmund Shatwell. Book binder from Chapel-en-le-Frith. Disc 22.9.14 (sick)*.

2177 Pte. Horace Shatwell. Labourer from Harpur Hill. Disc 12.11.14*.

1524 Pte James Shirt. Labourer from Chinley. Disc 2.9.14*.

1469 Pte John Charles Shirt. Labourer from Chapel-en-le-Frith. Disc 26.5.17 (T of E)*.

1735 Pte Henry Sidebotham. Blacksmith from Peal Dale. France 28.2.15;

2010 Pte Tom Sidebotham. From Peak Dale. France 25.2.15; k/a 1.7.16*.

2138 Pte Alfred Arthur Simpson. France 25.2.15; k/a 12.3.16*.

2343 Pte Arthur Simpson. France 28.2.15; k/a 25.11.15*.

2139 Pte George R Spencer. France 28.2.15; Royal Engineers

1412 Pte Samuel Spencer. France 28.2.15; Disc 18.1.19.

J Stewart.


1202 Pte Thomas Trivett. Labourer from Chapel. France 28.2.15; Labour Corps

1322 Pte Samuel Turner. Labourer from Chapel. France 28.2.15; d/w 4.7.15*.

394 L/Cpl George H Waterhouse. Platelayer from Chinley. France 28.2.15; k/a 27.5.15*. 

943 Sergt Harry Waterhouse. Cotton Dyer from Chinley. France 28.2.15; Comm 27.3.17.

1577 Pte Samuel Waterhouse. From Chapel. France 28.2.15; Disemb 11.3.19 (MGC).

1909 Pte John W Watts. Labourer from Dove Holes. France 28.2.15; k/a 17.4.15*.

JH White.

1667 Pte Samuel Yates. Labourer from Peak Dale. France 28.2.15; k/a 30.9.15*.

2211 Pte George Nadin. Labourer from Harpur Hill. France 25.2.15; k/a 23.6.16*.

2109 Pte Sam Muir. Willow tenter from Chapel. France 25.2.15; d/w 7.5.15.

5 thoughts on ““B” Chapel-en-le-Frith and Hope Valley Company

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  2. James Crook

    Thank you for posting this article , my partner is decended from Pte Richard Evans who was in B Coy and killed 04/07/1915. He is buried in Bedford House Cemetery along with some of his brothers in arms who died with him that day. He was born in Montgomeryshire “mid Wales” and moved to Chapel which is where he met his wife and had 2 children before leaving for the front.
    We went to visit him for the first time near Ypres and laid a memorial to him.
    We are planning to visit him again and I intend to do some research on him, the soldier the man the father.
    Kind regards James and Tracy xxx

    1. mikebriggs1910 Post author

      Dear both
      Many thanks for your message. There are a couple of references to Richard on the site:-



      He was killed by a shell as the men were returning from a working party. Hope that you have a good visit – it’s always nice to go over there – say hello – and remember them all.
      best wishes

      1. James Crook

        Hi Mike thanks it was an inspiring visit to Ypres and Northern France and we were not expecting to feel this way but we want to return again and pay our respects and discover more about what life was like over there.

        Kind regards James

  3. Megan Jackson

    Hi Mike, I am the great granddaughter of 1566 Pte Percival Jackson. Dyer from Chinley; Disc 5.8.14*.

    I was wondering if you had any other information about him? I know that he survived the war and lived until 1963.

    It has been amazing to see the photos!


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