Disbanding the 2nd Administrative Battalion: 1869

3rd Button

In 1869 the 2nd Administrative Battalion was disbanded and the 8th (Ashbourne) and 10th (Wirksworth) Corps were transferred to the 3rd Administrative Battalion, whilst at the same time additional Companies were raised at:-

  • Whaley Bridge (18th) in March 1866
  • Hartington (21st) in July 1875
  • Staveley (22nd) in September 1874
  • Glossop (23rd) in February 1876

These 12 Rifle Volunteer Corps would later form the basis of the 12 Companies of the 6th Battalion Notts and Derby Regiment in 1908.

1874 Anfield

Interesting record of an Annual Shooting Prize award to Pte. John Anfield of the 18th Derbyshire Whaley Bridge Rifle Volunteers by Mrs Hall of Horwich in 1874.

Mrs Hall was the wife of Captain Edward Hall


Captain Edward Hall

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