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New Years Honours 1918

1 Jan 1918 HONOURS & AWARDS: The following were included in the New Years Honours List:-

Military Cross Capt (A/Major) W SEATON

DCM 240029 Coy Sgt Major TW SLATER

Mentioned in Despatches

  • Captain (A/Lt Col) CB JOHNSON
  • Lt (A/Capt) BE JOHNSON
  • 240552 Sgt GP BAGSHAWjohnson-cb-and-eb

Cyril Benton and Evelyn Brownlow Johnson


2381/240552 Sergeant George Potter Bagshaw356 Slater

356/240029 Thomas William Slater (believed to be)

On this day 23rd April 1917

23.4.1917 LIEVIN: The Battalion attacked FOSSE 3 De LIEVIN see report attached.

See here for full account of the action.Fosse 3 arial

Casualties in this action:-

OfficersBrown CA

Cecil Arthur Brown (1893-1917)

  • Wounded & missing Lt Cecil Arthur Brown
  • Wounded Capt Evelyn Brownlow Johnson, 2/Lts Vernon Hay Armitage, Bertram Noel Parker, Walter Archer, Kenneth Hills Bond (at duty)

Other Ranks

  • Killed 21.
  • Wounded 71 with 5 at duty. The names of 40 wounded man are known.
  • Missing 3.

23.4.1917 LIEVIN: The Battalion by 5th Battalion Sherwood Foresters and marched into billets at MARQUEFFLES FERME (Divisional Reserve).

1/6th Battalion War Diary [WO/95/2694]

To be completed

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]

On this day 7th September 1916

7.9.1916 LONDON GAZETTE: NOTTS & DERBY REGT. The Precedence of the undermentioned 2/Lts (Temp Lieuts) to be as notified against their names & not as previously stated:-

  • GKK MAUGHAN 4th June 1915
  • CA BROWN 5th June 1915
  • JL PERCIVAL 6th June 1915
  • AB WALLIS 7th June 1915
  • HW HIGHAM 14th June 1915

Second Lieutenants to be Temporary Lieutenants:-

  • RW CASH withe precedence from 8th June 1915 (March 2)
  • G GLOSSOP with precedence from 9th June 1915 (Feb 12)

7.9.1916 BELLACOURT: 2/Lt LN JOHNSON rejoined from Hospital.

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

Martinets WoodMartinets Wood 20127th: Our support line was shelled about midday and MARTINETS WOOD during the evening – very little damage being done in either case.

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]

On this day 11th August 1916

11.8.1916 BELLACOURT: Capt EB Johnson to Hospital.

War Diary [WO/95/2694] 

11th 1am: A German patrol of six men seen twenty yards in front of our wire near No 5 SAP. Lewis Gun fire was opened on them & no further trace of them was seen. The day passed quietly.

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]


On this day 9th July 1916

9/10.7.1916 BAILLEULMONT: Battn carried Gas accessories to trenches of 137th Inf Bde.

saxby wheatcroft9.7.1916 BAILLEULMONT: Capts R Saxby (left) & CJ Wheatcroft (right) to Third Army School.

Johnson EBCapt EB Johnson (above) to Command “C” Company vice Capt Saxby.

4440 SeatonCapt W Seaton (above) attached to 7th Battn Sherwood Foresters.

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

9th: Large parties from the 6th & 8th Battns again carrying tonight gas cylinders from BERLES Dump to the trenches.

Bde Major visited trenches of 166th Infantry Brigade at BELLACOURT.

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]

On this day 30th May 1916

30.5.1916 FONQUEVILLERS: 150 men under CAPTS R SAXBY & J TOLSON dug advanced trench 250 yards linking up with 37th Divn on left. 50 men under CAPT EB JOHNSON wired.

30.5.1916 LONDON GAZETTE: The following is an extract from the London Gazette d/- 30th May 16.

  • Major (Temp Lt Col) G.D. GOODMAN to be Lieut. Col.
  • Captain (Temp Major) A.J. HOPKINS to be Major (May 22nd)
  • Lieutenant (Temp Capt) B. DARBYSHIRE to be Captain (Oct 16th)
  • Lieutenant (Temp Capt) C.B. JOHNSON to be Captain (May 22nd)
  • 2/Lieutenant (Temp Capt) J. TOLSON to be Lieutenant (Temp Capt Oct 16th)
  • 2/Lieutenant (Temp Capt) H.H. JACKSON to be Lieutenant (Temp Capt May 22nd)Officer 30 May 1916

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

30th: 6th Battn Sherwood Foresters joined up advanced trench from right of 36th Division up to a sap North of NORTH FORTIN – distance of some 250 yards.

The trench was also wired – the Battalion received a complimentary telegram from G.O.C. Division for their work.30 May 1916 Telegram

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]

On this day 18th October 1915

18.10.1915 VERQUIN: Bn addressed by Maj.-Gen. STUART WORTLEY.

Captain EM Johnson returned.

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

Oct 18th. Rose at 7 a.m. fell in for inspn at 8-30, but dismissed till 10-30, then inspected by Gen. Stuart – Wortley, who made a congratulatory speech afterwards & promised us 10 days rest. In afternoon went to concert by pierrots – very good. At night went with McT. & had a feed. Nice day except for cold wind.

[3289 Pte George William Beardsley]

 1507 Pte. Joseph William Marsden

1507 Pte. Joseph William Marsden, a grocers assistant  from Bakewell was transferred to England on this day following his wounding following a shell burst.1507 Marsden

Joseph had originally enlisted in November 1911 aged 17 and lived on Monyash Road. He was attested by Lieut. Herbert Cliffird Brooke-Taylor and served with “D” Company. He was posted to the 6th Reserve and then to the Command Depot at Ballyvonare before joining the 5th Reserve Battalion in December 1916. Joseph was eventually discharged on the 24th August 1917 in consequence of “being no longer physically fit for war service”.

In fact Joseph was suffering from neurasthenia, which we now know as ‘shell shock’, and he received a pension of £30.1507 marsden pension

On this day 12th October 1915

12.10.1915 Fouquereuil: Capt EB Johnson to hospital sick. Capt CJ Wheatcroft to Command “D” Company.

Johnson EB

Captain Evelyn Brownlow Johnson

Wheatcroft cjCaptain Cyril John Wheatcroft

Battn (less details) moved out in fighting order and occupied support trenches EAST of VERMELLES branching of GORDON ALLEY and HULLUCH ALLEY.Gordon Alley

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

Oct 12th. Paraded for deficiencies 10-30 a.m. Took packs to store 1 p.m. Set off to trenches (fighting order) 3-30 p.m. Stopped & had tea about 6 p.m. near Sailly. Got to support trenches near Vermelles about 10-30 p.m. & relieved Guards. Seemed a long way. Nice day.

[3289 Pte George William Beardsley]

We started our trek from the rear areas on the eleventh of October, and by the night of the twelfth – thirteenth, we were in our jumping off positions. All seemed to be fairly quiet, the battle that started on September the 25th seemed to have died off.

[2305 Pte Frank Longson]chateau_vermelles