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On this day 26th March 1916

ACQ 25.3.1916: A & B Companies under Capts E.B. JOHNSON and J. TOLSON proceeded to trenches for 6 hours work in marching order without packs. On arrival at the trenches they were detained as the 5th Battalion had attempted to seize the near lip of a crater caused by enemy mine explosion early that day, and had been drives back by enemy bomb attack. About 11 p.m. Lt.-Col. GOODMAN was ordered to proceed to the trenches and organise an attack with the two Companies.

Capt DICK, 2/Lieuts BOND & LYLTE with Battn Grenadiers & Scouts also proceeded to the trenches. Brig.-Gen. SHIPLEY & the Brigade Major were also there. It was found impossible to launch the attack before dawn & on reference to the Division it was postponed.

new trenchesTRENCHES 26.3.1916: The attack was organised in accordance with instructions. Great coats were sent up for the men in the evening also a hot meal. Owing to unavoidable delays in issuing meal the attacking party did not commence to dig until about 2 p.m. Operations were conducted with the utmost quietness and by dawn a trench 3′ deep had been dug to the new lip of the crater linking up existing trenches, and this without a single casualty.

It was snowing at times & the men throughout the 48 hours bore discomfort very cheerfully.

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

26 March 1916 Orders and Report

My regiment was in reserve, when word came through one night that a Battalion in our Brigade had been blown up by a mine, we were ordered at the double to take from the Germans the Crater they had occupied. All night long and well into the next morning we bombed and counter bombed, and in the end decided it would be better to dig a new trench round the Crater, all the following day we remained quiet, listening and watching, but as soon as it was dark we commenced digging the new trench, and completed it by daylight, all but the section of half Platoon was withdrawn from the battle, but I remained with the people in this line. On the third morning our half Platoon was withdrawn a few yards behind the new trench, we were instructed to get some rest, for we had been without sleep for three nights. We occupied some old French dug-outs.

 [2305 Pte Frank Longson]

 2 Companies of the 6th Battalion S.F. with the 139/1 Trench Mortar Battery under Lieut.-Col GOODMAN gained the near lip of the Crate and dug a trench across jointing up with the extremities of the old line trench, without casualties or opposition.

By dawn a tench a trench of over 3′ deep had been dug and a look out post constructed overlooking the Crater. The extremities of the trench were occupied by two posts.

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]

26 March telegram


On this day 9th January 1916

9.1.1916 MARSEILLES: Battn less transport detrained at 8 am and marches into SANTI CAMP.

9.1.1916 MARSEILLES: Capt E.B. Johnson rejoined for duty with Battn from Base.

London Gazette of 6.1.1916:

  • Capt A.J. Hopkins to be Temoporary Major d/- Oct 23rd.
  • Lieut H.H. Jackson to be Temporary Captain d/- Oct 23rd.

London Gazette of 7.1.1916:

  • Capt E.H. Heathcote to be Temporary Major d’- Sept 3rd.
  • Lieut F.B. Robinson to be Temporary Captain d/- Sept 3rd.
  • Lieut J Tolson to be Temporary Captain d/- Sept 3rd.

To be Temporary Lieutenants:-

  • 2/Lt C.A. Brown
  • 2/Lt A.B. Wallis
  • 2/Lt G.F. Gardner
  • 2/Lt H.W. Higham
  • 2;Lt. C.E.V. Cree

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

London Gazete 1916

On this day 6th November 1915

6.11.1915 PACAUT: Battalion moved into Brigade Reserve at LA COUTRE. The 46th Division having taken over the trench line on the right of NEUVE CHAPELLE.

Captain EB Johnson proceeded to Base Depot and relieved Captain GS Heathcote 8th Battalion Sherwood Foresters.

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

Gilbert Stanley Heathcote was the brother of Edgar Horace Heathcote.

Richebourg MapRichebourg

Nov 6th. Rose about 8 a.m. Packed up in morning & set off from Calonne at 12-30. Got to Lacouture about 4 p.m. & billeted in barns. Fairly comfortable but not very warm. Misty & cold all day. 5th, 7th & 8th in trenches – 6th in reserve.

[3289 Pte George William Beardsley]

On this day 22nd July 1915

Maple Copse 22.7.1915: CAPTS F. M. DICK, E. B. JOHNSON and LIEUTS J. S. SAMPSON and J. L. PERCIVAL joined from England having joined bivouac day before.

Casualties – wounded Officers nil – O.R. killed 3 wounded 19.

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

Dick FMFrank Mackenzie Dick

Johnson EBJohnson EB 2

Evelyn Brown Johnson – The Bourne, Ashover

Sampson JS

John Stephen Sampson

Percival JLJohn Lakeman Percival

The men killed in action were:-2142 Frank Hallam

  • 1563 Pte. Harry Depledge
  • 2142 Pte. Frank Hallam
  • 1301 Pte. Alfred Gent 

All three men are buried in Maple Copse Cemetery.Hallam-Gent-Depledge