Reinforcements and re-equiping: Spring 1918

The 2/6th Battalion received several drafts of reinforcements in March & April 1918 to make up for the horrendous losses suffered on the 21st March

Many of these men were issued Regimental Numbers from 260001

11th March from the “L” Infantry Base Depot260019 Stafford

260019 Pte Stafford from the 7th Bedfordshire Regiment

29th/30th March from “J” and “L” Infantry Base Depots260143 Lydford

260143 Pte Lydford from the 8th Battalion East Surrey Regiment260172 Titmus

260172 Pte Titmus from the 6th Bedfordshire Regiment260199 Parker

260199 Pte. Raymond Parker from the 5th London Regiment

6th April from “K” Infantry Base Depot73042 Whitley

109406 Sergt. Wilfred Whitley a Derby Scheme soldier who trained with the 51st Graduated Battalion in Doncaster before transferring the the 2/6th Battalion on the 6th April 1918

204705 Pte. Arthur Sutton 204705 Sutton

Amongst the men posted to the 2/6th Battalion in March 1918 was 204705 Pte. Arthur Sutton who was mobilised in July 1917 and posted to the 5th Reserve Battalion204705 Sutton

He was transferred to the 2/6th Battalion in March 1918 and then to the 22nd London Regiment on 24th August 1918