Awards and Honours 1915-1918

Honours and Awardsawards “With this History is included a complete list of citations and Honours gained by the Battalion. It is believed that this list is unique; for so far as is known, no similar record relating to a single unit is in existence”

[1/6th Battalion History by Captain W.D. Jamieson]


5th May:

  • Captain Victor Owen Robinson

15th June:

  • 2006 Pte Albert Wright  awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal see here and here

22nd September:

  • 1448 A/Sergt William Wibberley
  • 2243 A/Sergt John Henry Boam

13th-15th October: 

  • Captain Victor Owen Robinson awarded Military Cross see here
  • 2/Lt William Alexander Lytle
  • Major John Eaton Blackwall
  • 1373 Cpl Ernest Jordan
  • 2156 Sergt Thomas Taylor
  • 3234 A/Cpl Ernest Munday

26th November:

  • 2/Lt William Alexander Lytle awarded Military Cross see here
  • 1631 L/Sergt Maurice Limb awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal
  • 3261 L/Cpl Maurice Charles Rust awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal


Possibly 10th-12th March 1916 see here:

  • Lt Col. Godfrey Davenport Goodman
  • Capt Cyril Benton Johnson
  • 158 C.S.M William Goddard awarded Military Medal on 19th February 1917 (posthumously)
  • 456 C.S.M Henry Holland awarded the Distinguished Conduct Medal in July 1917
  • 2388 Segt Thomas Hunter awarded the Military Medal on 11th November 1916
  • 1464 Sergt Wilfred Bernard Longson awarded the Military Medal on 11th November 1916
  • 1644 Drummer James Chatterton awarded the Military Medal on 11th November 1916.

1st July:

  • Lt (T/Capt) Frank Mackenzie Dick
  • Lt (A/Capt) Frederic Wystan Hipkins
  • 1790 Pte Samuel Dawes
  • 1658 Sergt William Booth
  • 2353 Sergt Thomas Shirt
  • 1766 Sergt Joseph Clark
  • 1680 Sergt Richard Wagg awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal
  • 2617 Pte Edward Mills

2nd December SUS ST LEGER: 

GOC Division [Major-General William Thwaites] inspected BRIGADE & expressed his satisfaction at the soldierly appearance & steadiness of the Battalion on Parade & congratulated the Battalion on the “March Past”, also presented MILITARY MEDAL ribbons to the following:-

  • 570 CSM DAKIN GW. Company Sergeant Major George William Dakin. For gallantry and devotion to duty on the 1st July 1916, when in the attack on Gommecourt. A tinsmith from Ashbourne who enlisted in April 1908 and previously served with 2nd Volunteer Battalion (1902-08).
  • 71 SGT HOPKINS W. Sergeant William Hopkins. For gallantry and devotion to duty on the 1st July 1916, when in the attack on Gommecourt. From Bakewell who enlisted in April 1908 and previously served with 2nd Volunteer Battalion.
  • 1450 SGT WOOLLEY CW. Sergeant Charles William Woolley. For gallantry and devotion to duty on the 1st July 1916, when in the attack on Gommecourt. Died of wounds on the 24th April 1917. A farm labourer from Matlock who enlisted in June 1911.
  • 1464 SGT LONGSON W. Sergeant Wilfred Longson. For gallantry and devotion to duty on the 1st July 1916, when in the attack on Gommecourt. A shop assistant from Chapel-en-le-Frith who enlisted in June 1911.
  • 2323 CPL STROYAN A. Corporal Arthur Stroyan. For gallantry and devotion to duty on the 1st July 1916, when in the attack on Gommecourt. A Striker And Turner In Chirt Quarry, Ashford.
  • 1936 Lc Cpl SMITH VS. Lance Corporal Vernon Samuel Smith. For gallantry and devotion to duty on the 1st July 1916, when in the attack on Gommecourt. A tube drawer from Chesterfield who enlisted in May 1913.
  • 1644 Dvr CHATTERTON J. Driver James Chatterton. For gallantry and devotion to duty on the 1st July 1916, when in the attack on Gommecourt. From Birchvale and enlisted in April 1912.
  • 1790 Pte DAWES S. Private Samuel Dawes. For gallantry and devotion to duty on the 1st July 1916, when in the attack on Gommecourt he did good work as Company Runner. A coal miner (pony driver) from Chesterfield who enlisted in February 1913.


1.1.1917 Gazette:

  • Lt Col Edward HALL to be a Companion of the Distinguished Service Order (DSO).
  • 1453 Sergeant William MARCHINGTON awarded DCM.

1.1.1917 Despatches: The following were mentioned in the Despatches of Field Marshall Sir Douglas Haig.

  • Lieut.-Col Edward Hall DSO
  • Surgeon Major Arthur Wilson Shea
  • Captain Edward Mallalieu Brook-Taylor
  • 508 Drummer Albert George Askey

8/9th March:

  • 2/Lt Leslie Nethercote Johnson awarded Military Cross
  • 2/Lt Edward Kershaw awarded Military Cross
  • 2/Lt Frederic William Arthur Stubbs awarded Military Cross
  • 1828 L/Cpl Claude Hancock awarded Military Medal
  • 1270 Sergt Thomas Jackson awarded Military Medal
  • 2277 Cpl Frank Drabble awarded Military Medal

19.3.1917:  The Divisional Commander presented Military Medal Ribbons to:-

  • 2077/240401 Pte George Miles, London Gazette dated 26.4.917
  • 2149/240438 Pte Bernard Taylor, London Gazette dated 26.4.1917

23rd April:

  • Captain Victor Owen Robinson awarded Bar to Military Cross
  • 2.Lt Vernon Hay Armitage awarded Military Cross
  • Lt Cecil Arthur Brown
  • 2/Lt Frank Rowland Skinner awarded Military Cross
  • 2/Lt W Archer
  • Lt (T/Capt) Humphrey Henry Jackson
  • 241360 Pte Albert Evans awarded Military Medal
  • 240853 Pte Samuel Hadfield
  • 240827 L/Cpl Albert Edward Bedford awarded Military Medal
  • 240513 Sergt Frank Longson awarded Distinguished Conduct Medal
  • 241789 Pte John William Travers
  • 240045 L/Cpl Albert Askey
  • 241116 Pte Percy Poyser
  • 240946 Pte Robert Webster
  • 241458 Pte George Wall
  • 241437 L/Cpl Elijah Garret
  • 241021 L/Cpl Ernest Pearce
  • 240557 Sergt Thomas Hunter
  • 240446 Pte Joseph William Spencer
  • 240077 Pte John Wood
  • 240446 Pte William Tattersall
  • 240535 Sergt William Gordon
  • 242442 Pte Leslie Beastall awarded Military Medal
  • 240951 Pte Thomas Drabble awarded Military Medal
  • 240194 Pte Thomas Wheatcroft awarded Military Medal
  • 242476 Pte Kenneth Bresser awarded Military Medal
  • 240076 Sergt John George Ravey
  • 240783 Cpl George Milner
  • 240067 L/Cpl Richard Large

28-30th May and 2/3rd June:

  • 241171 Pte Harold Conroy received G.O.C’c card
  • 240504 Pte Henry Fletcher awarded Military Medal

13/14th August:

  • 2/Lt Leonard Victor Burrows
  • 241520 Pte Harry Browse

4th/5th November:

  • Lt Cyril George Radford awarded Military Cross
  • 240309 Sergt Douglas Helliwell awarded Military Medal
  • 240082 Cpl Richard Simmonds awarded Military Medal
  • 240960 Pte Walter Nadin awarded Military Medal
  • 241449 Pte Joe Surr

22nd December:

  • 2/Lt Cecil Fisher Barham awarded Military Cross


2/3rd January:

  • 2/Lt Cecil Fisher Barham
  • 240205 Pte William Thompson awarded Military Medal
  • 240436 Pte Arthur Knowles awarded Military Medal
  • 240244 Edward Huddlestone White awarded Military Medal

7/8th June:

  • 2/Lt Frank Touch
  • 240138 Sergt Thomas William Spencer awarded Military Medal
  • 240211 Sergt Richard Wagg
  • 240244 Edward Huddlestone White awarded Military Medal

12th-16th August:

  • 240286 Pte Fred Wright
  • 240318 Sergt Percy Marper
  • 240526 Cpl James Vanes
  • 265215 Pte Walter Wilkinson

3rd September:

  • Lt Frank Skinner Rowland awarded Bar to Military Cross
  • Lt Hubert Selwyn Pink
  • 240610 Sergt Charles Lievesley
  • 269715 Pte George Moss
  • 241422 L/Cpl Edgar Smith
  • 241160 Pte Thomas Broadhead

29th September:

  • Lt John Neville Wightman
  • 2/Lt Albert Mackintosh awarded the Military Cross
  • 2/Lt Ronald Alfred Frith awarded Military Cross
  • 2/Lt Charles Bimrose
  • 2/Lt Frank Touch awarded Military Cross
  • 269354 L/Cpl Walter Thorpe awarded Military Medal
  • 240349 Cpl Huckerby awarded Military Medal
  • 265035 CSM Christoper Greenwood
  • 93877 Pte George Frank Johnson awarded Military Medal; died of wounds 7.11.1918
  • 241535 Pte Caleb Tanner awarded Military Medal; killed in action 5.11.1918
  • 240136 Sergt George Davenport awarded Military Medal
  • 23097 Pte John Bateman awarded Military Medal
  • 240819 Pte Abel Lomas Howe awarded Military Medal
  • 240197 Cpl James Chatterton awarded Military Medal
  • 242576 Pte Frank Twinn
  • 240449 L/Cpl Fred Clough

3rd October:

  • 2/Lt Cecil Bertam Newell awarded the Military Cross
  • Lt John Watts Potter
  • Capt Eric Franklin Winser awarded the Military Cross
  • Lt Victor Thomas George Hore awarded the Military Cross
  • Lt (A/Capt) Edward Kershaw awarded the Military Cross
  • 23097 Pte John Bateman
  • 27028 Cpl Charles Frederick Gill [note incorrect christian name in citation]
  • 74123 Pte William Grainger [note correct Regimental number is 71423]
  • 92039 Cpl Fred Broom awarded the Military Medal
  • 240839 Pte Ernest Large
  • 98212 L/Cpl Benjamin Cyril Wilsea awarded the Military Medal
  • 200057 L/Cpl John William Cook awarded the Military Medal
  • 201505 Cpl Thomas William Sherwin Badder awarded the Military Medal
  • 240358 Pte Frank Hollinshead
  • 241130 Pte Ralfe Richardson
  • 241115 Pte Charles Redshaw
  • 240409 Pte Reginald Smith
  • 241104 Pte Joseph Pursglove
  • 240553 Sergt George Potter Bagshaw awarded the Military Medal
  • 240804 Cpl Charles Greatorex
  • 240805 L/Cpl James Else Gratton
  • 240939 Sergt Charles Webster
  • 241116 Pte Percy Poyser
  • 241182 Pte Alfred Thomas
  • 241535 Pte Caleb Tanner
  • 242478 Cpl Harry West
  • 242568 Cpl Thomas Selby
  • 265714 Sergt John Spencer
  • 266053 Pte Arthur William Brown

5th November:

  • 266576 Pte Fred Jennings
  • 267156 L/Cpl Percy Charles Johncock

– undated –

  • 240018 CSM Samson Bennett recommended for Belgium Croix De Guerre
  • 240244 L/CPl Edward Huddlestone White recommended forFrench Croix De Guerre
  • 240318 Sergt Percy Marper recommended for French Croix De Guerre
  • Lt (A/Capt) Frederick Wystan Hipkins recommended for French Croix De Guerre

The Citations in detail

Kemmel & Sanctuary Wood from May to September 1915Robinson VO May 1915 2006 Wright September 19151448 Wibberley September 1915

Hohenzollern Redoubt in October 1916Robinson MC 1915Lytle WA October 1915Balckwell JE October 19151373 Jordan October 19152156 Taylor October 19153234 Munday October 1915

Boars Head in November 1915Lytle Military Cross December 19151631 Limb DCM November 1915

Foncquevillers & Gommecourt from May to July 1916Dick FM July 1916Hipkins1790 Dawes July 19162353 Shirt July 19161766 Clarke July 19161680 Wagg July 19162617 Mills July 1916

Gommecourt in March and April 1917

Johnson LN April 1917Kershaw April 1917Stubbs MC April 19171828 Hancock March 19171270 Jackson March 19172277 Drabble March 1917

Fosse 3 de Lievin in April 1917

Robinson VO June 1917Armitage VH June 1917Brown CA April 1917Rowland MC April 1917Archer April 1917Jackson HH April 1917241360 Evans April 1917240853 Hadfield April 1917240827 Bedford April 1917Longson DCM June 1917241789 Travers April 1917240045 Askey April 1917240946 Webster April 1917241458 Wall April 1917241437 Garrett April 1917241021 Pearce April 1917240077 Wood April 1917240446 Tattersall240535 Gordon April 1917242442 Beastall April 1917240194 Wheatcroft April 1917242476 Bresser April 1917240076 Ravey April 1917240783 Milner April 1917240067 Large April 1917

Fosse 3 de Lievin in May & June 1917241171 Conrey May 19172283_240504 Fletcher June 1917

Cite St Elie in August 1917Burrows August 1917251520 Browse August 1917

Trench Raid on the 4th/5th November 1917Radford Nov 1917240309 Helliwell Nov 1917 240082 Simmonds Nov 1917240960 Nadin Nov 1917241449 Surr

Daylight Patrols on the 22nd December 1917Barham 1917

German Raid in January 1918Barham 1917240205 Thompson Jan 1918240244 White Jan 1918

Raid on German Trenches on 7/8th June 1918Touch 1918240138 SPencer 1918240211 Wagg240244 White

August 1918240286 Wright240318 Marper240526 Vanes265215 Wilkinson

 Richebourg on 3rd September 1918SkinnerPink240610 Lievesley269715 moss241422 Smith241160 Broadhead

St Quentin Canal on 29th September 1918

Wightman 1918MackintoshFrithBimroseTouch 1918269354 thorpe24034 Huckerby265035 Greenwood93877 Johnson241535 Tanner240136 Davenport23097 Bateman240819 Howe240197 Chatterton240449 Clough

Ramicourt and Montbrehain on 3rd October 1918newellpotterwinserHorekershaw23097 Bateman27028 Gill74123 Grainger92039 broom98212 Wilsea200057 Cook201505 Badder240358 Hollinshead240409 smith240553 Bagshaw240804 Greatorex240805 Gratton240939 Webster241116 Poyser241182 Thomas241535 Tanner242478 West242568 Selby265714 Spencer266053 Brown

Prisches on 5th November 1918266576 Jennings267156 Johncock

Undated Awards

240041 Holland DCM

240018 Bennett 1915240244 White 1915240318 Marper 1915Hipkins

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