1762 Pte Cyril Richard Overton

A Pre-War Territorial who enlisted in 1912
Overton PC1762 CR Overton

Field Postcard from 1762 Cyril Richard Overton to his father written on the 17th August 1915.

“Dear Dad

Still going strong and hope you are all right. Hows the old packet going on. Got a new one yet.

[This most likely refers to Isaac Newton’s profession as an engine driver]

Looks a bit rough the other side does it not.

Received a letter from Ma this morning dated 12th. Says she got up a 7 to write it. Have no paper so cannot write a letter yet. Tell Mr Newham I got his letter all right. Plenty much rain just now. Keep smiling. Tommy.”

[Interestingly Cyril signs the letter as ‘tommy’ which must be a reference him being a British soldier]

Censor Mark

The card was posted from the Field Post Office of the 139th Brigade on the 17th August 1915 and was passed by the Censor.8th August 1915At the time of writing the postcard the 1/8th Battalion were in the front line trenches:-

“2am – The enemy searched the transport road with shrapnel and about 5am put over several very heavy shells – destination unknown. The enemy were again quiet. Our men very much cheered at the prospect of relief. 7th Bn Sherwood Foresters relived at midnight.”

[The only casualty recored was 2320 Pte. Joseph Saunders from Sutton-in-Ashfield who was killed]

Overton 1911 CensusCyril Richard Overton, born in 1884 in Newark, was the son of Isaac and Sarah. The 1911 Census records Cyril’s profession as a solicitors clerk and the family lived at 13 Bowbridge Road. 1742 OvertonCyril arrived in France with the 46th Division on 2nd March 1915 and was eventually disembodied on the 6th April 1919; 4 years later.305239 OvertonCyril only served overseas with the 1/8th Battalion and was renumbered as 305239 in the spring of April 1917.

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