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On this day 9th January 1916

9.1.1916 MARSEILLES: Battn less transport detrained at 8 am and marches into SANTI CAMP.

9.1.1916 MARSEILLES: Capt E.B. Johnson rejoined for duty with Battn from Base.

London Gazette of 6.1.1916:

  • Capt A.J. Hopkins to be Temoporary Major d/- Oct 23rd.
  • Lieut H.H. Jackson to be Temporary Captain d/- Oct 23rd.

London Gazette of 7.1.1916:

  • Capt E.H. Heathcote to be Temporary Major d’- Sept 3rd.
  • Lieut F.B. Robinson to be Temporary Captain d/- Sept 3rd.
  • Lieut J Tolson to be Temporary Captain d/- Sept 3rd.

To be Temporary Lieutenants:-

  • 2/Lt C.A. Brown
  • 2/Lt A.B. Wallis
  • 2/Lt G.F. Gardner
  • 2/Lt H.W. Higham
  • 2;Lt. C.E.V. Cree

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

London Gazete 1916

20th Trench Duty 23rd-27th November 1915

23.11.1915: Battalion relieved 8th Sherwood Foresters in RIGHT Sector.

23.11.1915: Captain EH Heathcote edgar to 8th Sherwood Foresters for duty.

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

Nov 23rd. Same as yesterday till dinnertime. Packed up in afternoon & set off to trenches near N.C. at 5 p.m. C Co in reserve line again, but I stopped with salvage party at hdqrs – quite comfy.

[3289 Pte George William Beardsley]

The days were in the front line one were often taken up with repairing the fire trenches and outlying posts and listening for German activity.

The 1/8th Battalion War Diary provides some details:-2:8th Battalion November 1915

On this day 21st October 1915

21.10.1915 LAPUGNOY: 120 men& 2 Officers forming part of Brigade fatigue party under Capt E. H. Heathcote proceeded in Busses to LA BOURSE and were billeted at SAILLY LA BOURSE, and were employed in removing gas apparatus from trenches.

[Sailly La Bourse is a farming village situated 3 miles southeast of Bethune]

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

Oct 21st. Running parade 9 – 9-30. 10-30 till 12-30 route march. Paid 20 frs in afternoon. Fatigue party for trenches, but I was not included. – very glad. Went to hear Pierrots at night – very good. Nice day, but rain from about 8 p.m. onwards.

[3289 Pte George William Beardsley]Pierrott


On this day 14th October 1915

14.10.1915: Battn relieved by Guards and ordered to take over HOHENZOLLERN REDOUBT West face which had been captured. Owing to lateness of which only 3 platoons & 3 M Gun teams arrived before dawn & these were left with 5th Bn S.F. who took over. Capt HEATHCOTE with them.West face Hohenzollern

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

Oct 14th. Still in reserve trenches. Wounded still being brought out. Enemy shelled communication trenches heavily. About 9 p.m. relieved by Guards & set off to Vermelles. Got lost in commn trenches for a time, but got to dump near Vs. about 4-30 a.m. – very tired. George Tagg killed.

[3289 Pte George William Beardsley]

As soon as it was dark enough we were told that reinforcements would be joining us to help stave off the expected counter attack, we thought it would be members of our own division, but instead it was members of the Guards Division, they had gone out of this trench system whilst we made this attack, now they were returning. They filed into the captured Redoubt and took over the position, we were informed that the Germans were preparing to attack and that our Regiment would remain along side the Guards to defend the Redoubt. It was very stimulating and heartening to see those fine six footers preparing to fight. The rush came about eleven p.m. by the Verey lights our sentries had seen the Germans creeping across No-Mans Land. We were told to let them approach to within a bombs through and then the command was given to let them have it. The Guards and us let them have such a withering fusillade of bombs, rifle fire and machine gun fire that the attacking force, what was left of them soon thought better of the attempt and skulked back to their trenches.

The following night October 14th my regiment was ordered to leave the scene of this battle and concentrate on the back area, we had the satisfaction of a feeling of some kind of success to our venture, but the cost had been very severe, I could not be sure of the exact figure but it was whispered at the time that the Division had sustained about one third casualties.

[2305 Pte Frank Longson]

On this day 4th July 1915

Ypres 4.7.15: Working party of 200 men under Capt Edgar Horace Heathcote shelled on return. 9 killed & died. 21 wounded & 2 previously wounded.

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

Chapel shell

The men killed were:-

  • 2030 Pte. Richard Evans
  • 2284 Pte. Joseph Ford
  • 2290 Pte. James Greatorex
  • 1321 Pte. Percy Heather
  • 3224 Pte. George William Lomas 
  • 1322 Pte. Samuel Turner
  • 3117 Pte. Horace Lowe
  • 2655 Pte. John Moss
  • 2213 Pte. George Markham

For full details see here.

Heathcote ECaptain Edgar Horace Heathcote of ‘Rockwood’ in Buxton.