Attestation and Training in Buxton: 1914-15

October 1914 to 3rd February 1915

On 14th October 1914, Lieutenant Colonel John Morton Clayton relinquished command of the 6th Battalion Notts & Derby Regiment and returned to Chesterfield to raise and Command the 2nd line 6th Reserve Battalion (later renumbered the 2/6th Battalion).

With him came Captains Welch and Langford. Henry Welch was promoted to Major and assumed Command of the Depot at Chesterfield whilst Valentine Langford was appointed Adjutant.Clayton JM

1914 Clayton signature

John Morton Clayton

WELCH1916 Welch signature

Henry Welch

LangfordLangford signature

Valentine Henry Elwes Langford

 Recruiting for the 2/6th Battalion intially took place at the Drill Hall on Ashgate Road in Chesterfield and at the various Company Headquarters throughout Derbyshire. In most cases, as the men were enlisted, they were paid 3/- per day pay (including billet allowance) and 3d a day for clothing allowance and sent back to their homes until they were called up.Depot Chesterfield2414 Brough

James Brough was one of the first men to be enlisted into the 6th Reserve Battalion of the Sherwood Foresters

2:6th Battalion

Attestation form signed by Lt.-Col. Morton Clayton in Chesterfield on 21st October 1914

1914 Buxton RecruitingRecruiting was also undertaken in many of the towns of Derbyshire including Buxton (above), Bakewell and Chapel-en-le-Frith. The approving Office in Buxton was Captain William Brown

shea 1915 recruiting

Dr John Goodwin Shea was the Medical Officer in Chesterfield who approved many of the men that enlisted into the 1/6th Battalion

1914 Imperial Service

Imperial Service Agreement signed by 2399 Pte Job Hyde and witnessed by Henry Welch Commanding the 6th Battalion Depot in Chesterfield September 1914

1915 June John Marsden Chandler

Recruitment to the 2/6th Battalion continued through the summer as required. In this case the Attesting Officer was Captain John Marsden Chandler