Regimental Histories

My intention here is to provide a comprehensive list of all the Sherwood Foresters Regimental Histories that were published post war and when feasible a link to a PDF copy (copyright allowing).

Derbyshire Volunteers (1860-1807)

A brief History of the 1st Derbyshire VB from the 1910 Regimental Annual Can be down loaded here 1910 Regt Annual (3Mb).

A brief History of the 2nd Derbyshire VB from the 1911 Regimental Annual Can be down loaded here 1911 Regt Annual copy (2Mb).

Territorial Divisions

46th HindenburgBREAKING THE HINDENBURG LINE: THE STORY OF THE 46TH (NORTH MIDLAND) DIVISION. By MAJOR R. E. PRIESTLEY, M.C., R.E. 1919. Download here 46th Division (13 MB file).

59th Division Book59th Division 1915-1918 by E. U. Bradbridge and Published by Wilfred Edmunds, Chesterfield, 1928.

46th DivisionA Lack of Offensive Spirit?: The 46th (North Midland) Division at Gommecourt, 1st July 1916. By Alan MacDonald and Published by Iona Books, 2008.

North MidlandersCaptain Staniland’s Journey: The North Midland Territorials Go to War. By Martin Middlebrook and Published by L. Cooper, 2003.

Lens 1917The 46th (North Midland) Division at Lens in 1917. By Lieut. P.S.C. Campbell-Johnston and Published by 10 Feb 2011 (Originally Published in 1919).

Territorial Battalions

1st Line (1/5th, 1/6th, 1/7th & 1/8th)

5th HistoryThe War History of the Fifth Battalion The Sherwood Foresters Notts and Derby Regiment 1914 – 1918. By L. W. Grave and Published by Bemrose & Sons Ltd Derby and London 1st Edition, 1930.

5th bookAn Illustrated History of the 1st/5th Battalion Sherwood Foresters by John Gregory in 2007.

Men of High PeakMen of the High Peak by Captain W.D. Jamieson and the Officers and men of the Battalion; edited by C. Housley, subtitled ‘A History of the 1/6th Battalion The Sherwood Foresters 1914-18’. Published by Miliquest 2008.

The original history was compiled by Captain Jamieson and Colonel Robinson some time after the Great War of 1914-18. They collected together the memories of a large number of officers, NCOs and men, and from these pieced together the wartime service of the battalion.
The majority of the original letters and extracts of memories used in the compilation of the book are now held in the regimental archives, together with two of the original copies of the book - only 25 copies were ever printed!

The Sherwood Foresters in the Great War: 1/7th, 2/7th, 3/7th; 1914-1918. Download here Robin Hoods History (62 MB file).

The Sherwood Foresters in The Great War 1914-1919; 1/8th Battalion by Captain W.C.C. Weetman, M.C. Published by Thomas Forman in 1920. The Sherwood Foresters in the Great War 1914-1919

2nd Line (2/5th, 2/6th. 2/7th & 2/8th)

The Green TriangleGREEN TRIANGLE: Being the History of the 2/5th Battalion The Sherwood Foresers (Notts & Derby Regiment) in the Great European War, 1914-1918. By W. G. Hall and published by Garden City in 1920.

2:6th History2/6th Battalion The Sherwood Foresters 1914-1918: ITS PART IN THE DEFEAT OF THE IRISH REBELLION 1916 by G. J. Edmunds. Download here 2-6th Battalion History (10 MB file).

The Sherwood Foresters in the Great War: 1/7th, 2/7th, 3/7th, 1914-1918. Download here Robin Hoods History (62 MB file).

2:8th BookHistory of 2/8th Battalion Sherwood Foresters 1914-1918 by Lieut.-Colonel W. C. Oates and Published by J & H Bell Nottingham 1920. 2:8th Sherwood Foresters

The Easter Rising and the 178th Brigade

crossfire-the-battle-of-the-four-courts-1916O’ Brien P., Crossfire, 1916 & the Battle for the Four Courts. New Island Press, Dublin, 2012.

Blood-on-the-Streets-197x300O’ Brien, P., Blood on the Streets: 1916 & The Battle for Mount St. Bridge. The Mercier Press Ltd, Cork  (4 Feb 2008).

Uncommon valourO’ Brien, P., Uncommon Valour: 1916 & The Battle for the South Dublin Union. The Mercier Press Ltd, Cork (31 Jan 2006).

1916 Diaries

THE 1916 DIARIES OF AN IRISH REBEL AND A BRITISH SOLDIER. Mercian Press 1st August 2014; ISBN: 9781781172445.

Dublin blog on the Sherwood Foresters here.

Paul O’Brians short account here and here.

The Robin Hoods here.Sherwoods Dublin

“Hidden from Memory: Remembrance and Commemoration of the Sherwood Foresters’ Involvement in Easter, 1916” by Amanda S Kinchen (2014). Electronic Theses & Dissertations. Paper 1066.

Download here


Nominal Role, Letter “D” Company, August 1915 D Company August 1915.

Regular Battalions

1st and 2nd book1st and 2nd Battalions the Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment) in the Great War. By Colonel H. C. Wylly and Published by Gale & Polden 1926.

Reserve Battalions

Service Battalions

9th Service9th Service Battalion the Sherwood Foresters: The Nott’s and Derby Regiment During the First World War by John Stephen Morse and published by Tommies Guides 2007.


History of the 10th Battalion: Sherwood Foresters 1914-1918. By Cliff Housley and Published by Miliquest Publications 1998.

Men from the greenwoodThe Men from the Greenwood: Being the War History of the 11th (Service) Battalion Sherwood Foresters
 Percy Fryer and Published by Cresswell & Oaksford (Nottingham) January 1920. Download here.

12th Bn Book Cover12th (Pioneer) Battalion Sherwood Foresters 1914-1918. By C Housley and J Leivars and Published by Miliquest.

13th Battalion: no publication.

14th Battalion: no publication.

BantamsThe Blast of War : A History of Nottingham’s Bantams. 15th Battalion Sherwood Foresters 1915-1919. By Maurice Bacon and David Langley. Published by The Sherwood Press, Nottingham, 1986.

Truscott bookA Short History of the 16th Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, Chatsworth Rifles. By Roy Francis Truscott and Privately Published in 1928.

Due to the size it is split into several sections and the dates are estimates. Sorry for the quality but its a big book. Any specific pages or pictures please e-mail me.

Introduction and Chapters 1-2 (1915-August 1916)

Chapters 3-5 (September 1915 – July 1917)

Chapter 6 (July 1917 – Jan 1918)

Chapter 7 (Jan 1918 – the end)


Roll of Honour


17th (Welbeck Rangers): no publication.

18th (Bantams): no publication.

19th and 20th Battalions; no publications.


book gallantryBritish Gallantry Awards: The Sherwood Foresters. By Cliff Housley and Published by Miliquest 2000.Leek Battery

‘Over There’: A Commemorative History of the Old Leek Battery 1908 to 1919. By J E Sheratt and JR Blore. Published by Martin Publicity in 1991.

Life Well LivedA life well lived: A memoir of James Wood Colin Taylor, Lieutenant 3rd Battalion Sherwood Foresters, born May 22nd, 1887, fell in action at Hooge, Flanders, August 9th, 1915. Published by S W Partridge 1916.

Parker Boy Soldier

The Tale of a Boy Soldier: Memories of the Great War. By George Parker and Published by QueenSpark Books 2001.Aberysthwyth

3 thoughts on “Regimental Histories

  1. alf scott

    Are there any books of the 3rd and 4th reserve sherwood foresters of 1914-18 whilst based at hylton castle in 1914-18?
    I am finding it difficult as to what they were doing there

    1. mikebriggs1910 Post author

      Sorry I’m not aware of any books about the 3rd and 4th and to be honest I’ve come across few photographs and no written records in 20 years. All that I can tell you is that they were based in the North East as garrison and training units. They sent many of the reinforcements in early 1918 that fought in the final 100 days of the War. Your best bet might be local newspapers or contact the regimental archivist because they may have personal diaries (no operation/war diaries were kept because they didn’t deploy as a unit oversees), cheers Mike

  2. Alfred Scott

    Thanks for your info,there are bits and pieces of injured soldiers attending Hylton Castle for medical reasons, also try. Pictures of billeted and tents are shown.
    There are a lot about reserves guarding the coastal areas.

    Have you read ‘letters from a lost generation’ and walter Hutchinson diaries.
    A copy of the book may be held in your local Walters diary.

    there are numerous photographs held at durham county records office.
    It’s a long hard process going through the micro film.
    there are numerous photographs of company photographs around and based in sunderland.
    keep in touch.
    Alf scott


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