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On this day 9th January 1916

9.1.1916 MARSEILLES: Battn less transport detrained at 8 am and marches into SANTI CAMP.

9.1.1916 MARSEILLES: Capt E.B. Johnson rejoined for duty with Battn from Base.

London Gazette of 6.1.1916:

  • Capt A.J. Hopkins to be Temoporary Major d/- Oct 23rd.
  • Lieut H.H. Jackson to be Temporary Captain d/- Oct 23rd.

London Gazette of 7.1.1916:

  • Capt E.H. Heathcote to be Temporary Major d’- Sept 3rd.
  • Lieut F.B. Robinson to be Temporary Captain d/- Sept 3rd.
  • Lieut J Tolson to be Temporary Captain d/- Sept 3rd.

To be Temporary Lieutenants:-

  • 2/Lt C.A. Brown
  • 2/Lt A.B. Wallis
  • 2/Lt G.F. Gardner
  • 2/Lt H.W. Higham
  • 2;Lt. C.E.V. Cree

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

London Gazete 1916

A little mystery to solve #1

19121) Picture taken by A Heath from Clay Cross at the 1912 Abermaide Camp and showing the Machine Gun Section.Vickers

Man2) Clearly the 5th (Derby) or 6th (Derbyshire) Battalion Notts & Derby – note the 5-Tier Territorial Force shoulder badge – T-#-NOTTS-AND-DERBY.

Officer MG3) The Officer holds the key – I don’t recognise him as being in the 6th Battalion. In 1911 the Machine Gun Section was under the Command of Lieut. Arthur Cuthbert Brooke-Taylor and that is not him. By 1913 Lieutenant Francis Bradbury Robinson was in charge of the Machine Gun Section and went on a course in Chelsea.