The Gorre Sector: 6th June

June 1918 in the Gorre Sector 

At 1 a.m. on the 6th June a party consisting of Lt Horace Duncan Vaughan (in command), 2/Lt Frank Touch and 58 OR of A & D Companies raided the area enclosed by 23.c.97.80. to 23.c.85.60. to 23.d.00.50. to 23.d.10.65. (RUE DU BOIS).Loisne

Raid June 1918Casualties: 1 OR killed, Lt Vaughan and 3 OR wounded.

93793 Cleaver93793 Pte Arthur Cleaver, aged 19 and from Walsall was killed by a stray bullet [Image courtesy of Graham Conway].cleaver

97468 Marshall

97468 Marshal

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