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On this day 2nd September 1917 – a German raid

2.9.1917 FOUQUIERES: CAPT HH JACKSON awarded Military Cross for Gallantry in connection with the raid of 13th August.Jackson HH

Humphrey Henry Jackson

London Gazette: Lieut EMB Taylor to be Captain at 18.8.17.

Brooke-Taylor EM

Edward Mallalieu Brook-Taylor

1/6th Battalion War Diary [WO/95/2694]

2/IX/17: At 4.55 am enemy put down heavy barrage of artillery and trench mortars of various calibre’s on our front and support lines and CTs of right sub sector (Map 36c NW ref A28C & G4B).A28C G4B 1917

At 5am barrage lifted off front line & four parties of enemy, totalling 170 men attempted to raid our trenches in G4b. He only succeeded in entering one or our posts, all the garrison of which had been wounded. A few of his men appeared to cross our front line between the posts, but the majority were driven back before reaching our trenches. One prisoner was captured by us, whereas the enemy failed to secure identification. Our casualties were slight.

Prisoner stated that raiding party consisted of 150 men of the “Army STOSS TRUPP” and 20 men of 22nd Pioneer Battalion. His statements appeared unreliable.

Army STOSS TRUPP = shock troops or stormtroopers
The 22nd Pioneer Battalion appear to be part of the 19th Ersatz Division

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]

Geoffrey Petrie BarlowBarlow

Died of wounds leading a wiring party

On this day 13th August 1917 a trench raid by the 1/6th Bn

13 august 1917 raid

The raid was carried out by Captain HH Jackson, 2/Lts SN Deurance, LV Burrows and RW Oakley with 12 NCOs and men of “A” and “D” Companies.

The raiding party began to move out of the assembly position outside our own wire at 9.55pm. Each separate group got out without difficulty and apparently without attracting the enemy’s attention, but owing to the extreme darkness it was very difficult to make certain that each group took up its proper position. The artillery barrage started promptly.

The raiding party got across and got close…….a hostile machine gun firing from the left flank was firing high.

Hulluch trench raid august 1917Unfortunately the parties got mixed up owing to the broken state of the group….consequently the groups detailed to enter to the south of the HULLUCH ROAD lost direction and entered by the HAWK ALLEY gap.

Hulluch Road South (Burrows)

burrows2/Lt BURROWS and six men of the right blocking parts and one sapper with an explosive charge got through the enemy wire about 20 yards south of the HULLUCH ROAD – two of the party at once becoming casualties.

Trench 2He then worked to the left and met some German bombers at whom his men threw all their bombs inflicting several casualties.

2/Lt BURROWS then worked along to the right to a point about H.13.a.12.0. the sapper blowing up a dugout. The group now consisted of only 2/Lt BURROWS, one rifleman, two bombers and the sapper. A German double-sentry post was now met with and the leading rifleman fires, but missed and was at once bayoneted by the enemy.

The Germans then started a bombing attack from both sides and 2/Lt BURROWS now ordered his men to withdraw, he keeping the enemy off with his revolver. While the party was getting through the wire the enemy opened rifle fire and machine gun fire but luckily caused no casualties.

Hawk Alley (Deurance)Dewrance

The group ordered to mop up the first line from the right to HAWK ALLEY found one dugout which the NCO entered but it was empty. This group then lost direction and entered by HAWK ALLEY and failed to get in tough with 2/Lt BURROWS party.

A considerable number of the enemy was met with in the front line from HAK ALLEY to the left; dugouts were found to exist every thirty or forty yards and the moppers-up claim to have killed 8 Germans in the trenches and to have wounded a further 10 by rifle fire.

Second line and Hawk Alley Junction (Oakley)

The blocking parties for the right of the 2nd line and for the junction of HAWK ALLEY and the 2nd Line lost their way and did not reach their objective. 2/Lt OAKLEY and Sergeant HADFIELD went aout 50 yards further finding trenches very much knocked about but no Germans.

3023/240853 Sergeant Samuel Hadfield

Casualties during the raid

Our total casualties were 2 other ranks killed, Captain HH Jackson, 2/Lt KH Bond and 7 other ranks wounded, and 2 other ranks missing. Those of the enemy were about 30 killed and wounded, not including any in the bombed dugouts.

All four men missing or killed have no known grave and are commemorated on the Loos Memorial to the Missing:-

3642/241151 Pte James Brian Pratt aged 20 and son of Mrs L Varo (formerly Pratt) of 98 Victoria St. in Brimington, Chesterfield. James was a horseman from Staveley and enlisted in January 1915. He arrived in France inJuly 1916 with the 13th Reinforcement.

3641 PrattPratt POW

Army Service Record (top) for James Pratt records that he was missing and presumed to have died on or since 13th August. The Red Cross Records (bottom) indicate that James was captured by the Germans, but there is no indication of when he died. James’s grave was lost after the War and he is now Commemorated on the Loos Memorial. Recorded as presumed dead.

2802/240738 Pte Wilfred Buxton aged 21 and son of Harold and Emma buxton of Biggin in Hartington, Derbyshire. WIlfred was a bricklayer and enlisted in October 1914. He arrived in France in August 1915 and was wounded on the 17th July 1916. Recorded as presumed dead.

7800/242588 Pte John Henry Losco Field the son of William Gallard and Ruth Annie Field. John arrived  in France with the 28th Reinforcement in January 1917. A pre-War Territorial who enlisted in 1911 aged 17 he had previously served with the South Nottinghamshire Hussars in the 2nd Mounted Division in Egypt. Discharged time expired in January 1916 and conscripted in 1916. Recorded as killed in action.

3803/241225 Pte James McGuire from Chesterfield enlisted in February 1915 and arrived in France in 1916. Recorded as killed in action.

Gallantry Awards and Commendations

see also 25th August 1917

Captain Humphrey Henry Jackson

Jackson HHCaptain Humphrey Henry Jackson was awarded Military Cross. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty when in Command of a raiding party. The success of the raid was greatly due to his courage and cheerfulness. The night was exceptionally dark and he showed great coolness in collecting scattered parties under heavy fire and in getting them forward. Later, when very severely wounded, he continued to direct operations until oss of blood compelled him to return to own own lines. His pluck and gallantry under trying circumstances deserved the highest praise.

2/Lt Leonard Victor Burrows

Burrows August 1917

4457/241520 Pte Harry Browes

Harry enlisted in July 1915 and arrived in France in 1916. He only served overseas with the 1/6th Battalion.

251520 Browse August 1917

On this day 5th August 1917

5.8.1917: 2/Lt VH ARMITAGE MC awarded the Belgian Decoration “Chevalier de L’Ordre de la Boutonne”Armitage

Vernon Hay Armitage

C in C’s list No 145

To be Captain: Lieut CJ Wheatcroft

To be A/Capt: Lieut J Tolson and HH Jackson

To be Lieut: 2/Lt DS Foxwheatcroft tolson jackson fox

Cyril John Wheatcroft, Joseph Tolson, Humphry Henry Jackson and Donald Storrs-Fox

5.8.1917 St Elie Sector: Battn relieved 5th Battn in RIGHT SUBSECTION.Hulluch

1/6th Battalion War Diary [WO/95/2694]

4/5 August: 8th Sherwood Foresters carried out a raid on Enemy trenches in G5C.G5C 1917Raid August 1917

3014/305888 L/Cpl Herbert Taylor was missing presumed killed during the raid

5th Aug: Philosophe heavily shelled during the evening (over 350 shells fell)

Amongst the 1/5th Battalion men killed were:-

  • 5533/202268 Pte William Pawsley and son of Mrs MA Pawsey of 5 Sea View, Lower Halstow in Kent.203448 Shaw
  • 203448 Pte Albert Shaw from Worskop who died of wounds in the 1st Casualty Clearing Station.
  • Lieut Loris Stiles Spargo aged 25 and son of Nicholas and Ellen Spargo of Tregolls in Truro, Cornwall.

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]

On this day 5th December 1916

5.12.1916 SUS ST LEGER


Formation of Headquarters Lewis Gun Section.

CAPT HH Jackson proceeded on leave.

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

5th: 5th Sherwood Foresters commenced Brigade relief.

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]

On this day 3rd July 1916

3.7.1916 WARLINCOURT: Battn marched into billets vacated & handed over by 5th North Staffs.

(Divisional Reserve) at BAILLEULMONT.

4440 SeatonOfficers rejoined:- Capt W SEATON from England. Capt W SEATON to Command “D” Company – Capt Jackson to be 2nd in Command.

ooper rowlandOfficers joined:- 2/Lt WL COOPER (left), 2/Lt FS ROWLAND (right) from England.

Draft of 54 OR joined from Base.

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

3 July: I went to the funeral of Lt RD Wheatcroft (above) Wheatcroft rdour most popular Officer. Great sympathy felt for his brother Capt Wheatcroft who has now lost 2 brothers in this War.

We now expected rest but no such luck we moved to billets in the village of ———.

Robinson_FBHere we learnt that Capt Robinson (bubbles) was dead. He was the cheeriest fellow ever known (above).

[Lieutenant Josiah Taylor]

WarlincourtThe following men died of their wounds on this day and were buried in at SaultyWarlincourt

2315 Charles Pell2315 Pte Charles Ricard Pell (above)

1681 Pte George Byfleet

2052 Pte Walter Francis Joseph Murph

On this day 8th June 1916

8.6.1916 SUS ST. LEGER: Capt H.H. Jackson from Hospital.

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

8th to 12th: Battns employed in attack training and wood cutting in the forest of LUCHEUX.

With regards to the attack instructions, trenches similar to the ones which we have to attack have been dug on the ground and each Battalion practices over this ground every day doing every detail of the attack. The weather has been very bad – rain every day which has interfered with our training very much.

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]

Men taken sick on the 8th June

2716 Pte Lancelot Mctear an engineers apprentice from Chesterfield who enlisted in October 1914 and arrived in France with the 46th Division in February 1915. He was admitted to the 2nd North Midland Field Ambulance suffering from myalgia and transferred to Hospital in England on the 18th June. He was later found to be suffering from pulmonary tuberculosis and was discharged in October 1916 having served 2 years with the colours.2716 Mactear 2716 Mctear 2

2389 Pte Albert Barber a bleacher from Chapel-en-le-Frith and a original member of the 2nd Volunteer Battalion re-enlisted in September 1914 and arrived in France with the 46th Division in February 1915. Was admitted to Hospital whilst on leave and was transferred to England. Later served with the 7th and 21st Battalion before being transferred to the 17th Gloucester Regiment in September 1917.2389 Barber

3535/307445 Pte Victor Rose a shoemaker from New Whittington who enlisted in November 1914 and arrived in France with II Reinforcement in June 1915. He was admitted to the 41st Casualty Clearing Station with a fractured left tibia. After treatment at Le Treport he was transferred to Hospital in England. Victor later served with the 5th Reserve, 2/8th, 2/6th and 10th Battalions Sherwood Foresters and was warded the Distinguished Conduct Medal.3535 rose3535 Rose DCM

On this day 30th May 1916

30.5.1916 FONQUEVILLERS: 150 men under CAPTS R SAXBY & J TOLSON dug advanced trench 250 yards linking up with 37th Divn on left. 50 men under CAPT EB JOHNSON wired.

30.5.1916 LONDON GAZETTE: The following is an extract from the London Gazette d/- 30th May 16.

  • Major (Temp Lt Col) G.D. GOODMAN to be Lieut. Col.
  • Captain (Temp Major) A.J. HOPKINS to be Major (May 22nd)
  • Lieutenant (Temp Capt) B. DARBYSHIRE to be Captain (Oct 16th)
  • Lieutenant (Temp Capt) C.B. JOHNSON to be Captain (May 22nd)
  • 2/Lieutenant (Temp Capt) J. TOLSON to be Lieutenant (Temp Capt Oct 16th)
  • 2/Lieutenant (Temp Capt) H.H. JACKSON to be Lieutenant (Temp Capt May 22nd)Officer 30 May 1916

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

30th: 6th Battn Sherwood Foresters joined up advanced trench from right of 36th Division up to a sap North of NORTH FORTIN – distance of some 250 yards.

The trench was also wired – the Battalion received a complimentary telegram from G.O.C. Division for their work.30 May 1916 Telegram

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]

On this day 16th April 1916

16.4.1916 CAPPEL FERMONT: Lt F.W. HIPKINS & 5 men proceeded to Lewis Gun Course CAMIERS for 1 weeks course.

Grange Crater 2015Night of 16th/17th April: The French Miners exploded two mines 1) at head of GRANGE C.T. at 11.55 P.M. & 2) and at head of BIRKIN C.T. (under old crater) at 11.59 P.M.

2/Lt HOLDERNESS killed & 1 other rank [4536 Pte Arthur Brown from Matlock] ; 3 O.R. wounded [3127 Pte Percy Holford from Rotherham].

2/Lt HOLDERNESS had been most useful as an Interpreter for the Battalion.

"I suppose you heard of the death of Arthur Brown from the Warehouse, he was shot while he, with several others were taking a crater that had just been blown up under the Germans by our sapper, both he and the Officers in charge were killed"

1839 Pte Stanley Wykes a Clerk Attendant from Matlock

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

At midnight this evening we exploded mines at points of BIRKIN & GRANGE (See O.O. No 53 attached).

The former mine was exploded 6 minutes before time & the letter 2 minutes.

The Germans apparently were quite ready for both these explosions & opened a hot Machine Gun fire, in addition to rifle fire as soon as the mines went up.

All the orders for consolidating the craters worked very well & both positions were snug [sic] by the morning.

Raiding parties were sent out from each Crater with the object of getting into the enemy trenches during the confusion, using their bayonets & returning with prisoners. Neither were successful in attaining their objective though the party from Grange actually got into the German trench which they found strongly held & prepared.

The Officer in Command was very fortunate under the circumstances in being able to withdraw his party without any casualties except himself slightly wounded.

The GRANGE CRATER is a very large one, some 100 yards in diameter & the BIRKIN CRATER has wrecked the enemy’s front trenches & knocked out a sniping & strong point he had in rear of the original Crate.

The G.O.C. Division sent his congratulations & appreciation for the manner in which the operations had been arranged & carried out.

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]

Operation Order No. 53


Brig.-General C.T. Shipley C.B.

Commanding 139th Inf Brigade


Reference     Trench Map 1/5000     April 16th 1916

1. The following mines will be exposed tonight the 16th/17th instant at 12 midnight:-

(a) P.75. “P” at point of BIRKIN

(b) P.75. “O” at point of GRANGE

2. These Operations will be under the Command of the following Officers.

(a) BIRKIN MINE Lieut.-Colonel GOODMAN, 6th Battalion Sherwood Foresters, Commanding the RIGHT SECTOR.

(b) GRANGE MINE Lieut.-Colonel BLACKWALL, 8th Battalion Sherwood Foresters, Commanding the LEFT SECTOR.

Report on Operations

The trenches specified in Bde Orders were cleared by 11.45 pm and at 11.52pm it was reported to me that our parties were in place. At 11.53 pm a shock wave was felt which proved to be the explosion of the GRANGE MINE before the given time. This tended to cause confusion. However at 11.59 pm the second shock was felt and the artillery were directed to start firing.

At 12.10 am 2/Lt HOLDERNESS reported that his digging party were enfiladed from the right and unable to out to dig. I sent CAPT JACKSON forward and by 12.18 am received a further report that that the digging party were being posted.

Eventually a trench was dug a few feet in rear of the original CRATER TRENCH linking up the outpost line as before. An observation post was not fully completed.

Shortly before 4 am I regret to say that 2/Lt HOLDERNESS was fatally wounded while employed in fixing wire palisades, and I regret to say that he died.

An inspection of the crater from the observation post showed that it was about 30 yards inside diameter and about 15 feet deep. It must have carried away the enemy loophole post. barricades and a good deal of his front line trench. It is of an unusual length and the ground to the south is covered in chalk. The new crater projects to the right of the old outpost line and it is a question whether it is desirable to make a short trench joining the new CRATER TRENCH with a portion of COMMON C.T. beyond our present one. Both ends of the the new CRATER TRENCH are occupied by Bombers.

I attach 2/Lt EVANS’ report on his attempted raid I directed him to make a second attempt if he saw any way of doing it successfully as I thought he had mistaken the direction first time. Fortunately, although his party came under heavy rifle fire, he was able to withdraw without loss.

On viewing the ground at daybreak I saw that the attempt could not have succeeded. Apparently the post we intended to seize and the adjacent position was obliterated and it would have been practically impossible to cross the chalk without being seen.

Our shrapnel appeared to burst very effectively. Unfortunately the 2″ French Mortar and the Stokes Gun could not fire. The former had not registered owing to shortness of notice and the latter was defective at the time.

My Lewis Guns did good work. One of the 3 on the left took on the German Gun that was enfilading the CRATER TRENCH, eventually silenced it.

The total casualties are killed 1 Officer, 1 Other Ranks. Wounded 4 Other Ranks

17.4.16 6.50 am    (Sgd) G D Goodman    Lt.-Col. 6/Sherwood Foresters.