3/6th Battalion

Some of the men that enlisted into the 3/6th Battalion

4261 Sherwin 3:6th
4261/331469 Pte Frederick Sherwin attestation into the 3/6th Battalion. Enlisted 1.6.15 aged 38; Posted to 3/6th Battn on 1.6.15; Transferred to 1/6th Battn on 11.6.16 and arrived in France on 11.6.16; Returned to England on 21.6.16 and posted to 29th Prov Battn on 4.7.16; Posted to Army Reserve (TF) on 15.12.16; Rejoined 5th Res on 28.10.17 (renumbered 331468); Disc 14.12.17; A Miner from Chesterfield

3669 Jan 1915 3:6th
3669/241166 Pte Edgar William Jolley. Enlisted 25.1.15 aged 19; Arrived in F & F 11.11.15; Served with “B” Company and was wounded on 21.5.16 at Foncquevillers (GSW thigh and arm); Returned to England on 9.6.16 and Disc 25.5.17; SWB

4105 Vero 3:6th  1915
4105 Pte Thomas Vero. Arrived in F & F 27.10.15; Served with “A” Company and was wounded on 17.7.16 at Bellacourt during a German attack on the trenches; d/w 23.7.16

4176 Boam 3:6th
4176 Pte John Boam. Enlisted 17.3.15 aged 38; Disc 18.7.16 and did not serve overseas; Lived at 26 Chester Street, Chesterfield and was a Miner

1915 Chesterfield 3:6th Battn
4089 Pte Walter Baker. Enlisted 9.3.15 aged 37; Arrived in F & F 8.10.15; Returned to England on 11.4.16 and posted to 29th Prov Battn on 20.4.16; Disc 21.8.16 (sickness); SWB (TF/52A); Lived at Calow, Chesterfield and was a Miner
Belton Camp; The Grantham Journal, Saturday, October 16, 1915

The training of the above unit during the present week has comprised the usual field drills, and there have been occasional route marches of three or four hours duration. The weather has been ideal for the exercises carried out, and it is only hoped that there will not be a break for some time. The principal feature of the week’s programme, of course, was the general inspection on Tuesday, the details will be found in a separate paragraph.

Capt. R Saxby and Second-Lieut. A. H. Goodall, both of whom were wounded while serving with the 1 6 Battalion in Flanders, have joined the unit this week. The post of Regimental-Sergt.- Major has not yet bee filled, and the duties are temporarily being carried out by Company-Sergt.-Major J. Platts.”

Captain Reginald Saxby taken in 1909
2/Lt Alec Harrison Goodall
280 Company-Sergt.-Major J. Platts

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