1/6th Battalion

A page for the pictures and biographies of the local men that served with the 6th Battn.underconstruction

Here are a just a small selection.Needham

Sergeant J Needham41 Col Sgt J Harrison copy

Sergeant Harrison226 Joshua Tetlow

Joshua TetlowWL Jackson

2623 Colour Sergeant Instructor William Lewis Jackson (1870- ) from Greasley in Nottinghamshire.

1410 Peter White G Compnay 1680 Richard Wagg 2108 T Depledge

397 Muir

pioneer sej harrison serj5 serj4 Serg3 serg2 serg1

Unknown Badnsman

Dickinson 1907

Lewis Dickinson

Nall brothers

Nall Brothers

8th Sergeants



Lokes1578 wildsmith

Wildsmith3277 John Steggles-portrait-a

StegglesBandsman2243 John WrightSlack

Slack2824 George W PARE MID 600306 BeardRHR Badges3734 Lynam

17 thoughts on “1/6th Battalion

  1. Peter

    The 2nd photo down from2623 Colour Sergeant Instructor William Lewis Jackson is my Great uncle 1410 Peter White of Clay Cross, died of wounds 24/08/1915 and is buried at Abbeville

  2. Shirley Fouzie

    Hello Mike,

    I have a photograph of my great grandfather, William Henry Hart Carline that I am willing to share if you want it. He was in the Sherwood Foresters 1/6 Btn. and died at Gommecourt 1-Jul-1916. His body was not recovered and he is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial in France as well as a local memorial at New Brampton in Derbyshire. According to the information that I have been able to find on various websites, war records and books etc, he joined the pre-war territorials in 1908 and was shipped to France with the 46 Division in Feb 1915. He went missing on 1st July but was not declared dead until 1917. His military serial number is 240022. I am interested in obtaining any additional information that I can about him and would welcome any tips. I am just wading my way through, “A Lack of Offensive Spirit? The 46th Division at Gommecourt, 1-Jul-1916,” by Alan MacDonald. It does have quite a bit of information about Gommecourt and some of the men who fought there.


    1. Jim Pratt

      Dear Shirley, I have a list of all the men in the 6th Battalion that went to France 25th Feb 1915. Your Great Grandfather is listed, but has a Regimental Number 250. Please post his photograph.
      Thanks Jim

      1. Shirley Fouzie

        Hello Jim,

        I would be happy to post his photo and any details that I was able to uncover. I am not sure how to go about it. Do I send the info directly to you?



      2. Jim Pratt

        Hi Shirley, I’m afraid I am in the same boat as you! I am just a contributor and I too am having difficulties uploading photographs. At this moment, I am trying to contact the site via E Mail with my Grandpa’s photo and hope to see him on the site soon. Sorry I am not much help, but please don’t give up, perhaps the site will contact you like they did with me.
        Many Thanks

      3. Shirley Fouzie

        Hello Jim, is the list of names posted on site somewhere? I would be interested to have it as sometimes searching for other people can assist me with my research on my great grandfather. Thanks, Shirley PS. I did get a response from Mike. He said he will post the photograph.

      4. mikebriggs1910 Post author

        Evening Shirley
        I have a list of ~1000 men that sailed with the 1/6th Battalion to France on the 28th Feb 1915. You’ll find them at the bottom of this page on the web site


        I also have a spread sheet of about 5000 men that enlisted with the 1/6th, 2/6th and 3/6th Battalions from 1908-1916. And several other databases for the conscripted men from later in the War, cheers Mike

  3. Jim Pratt

    Hi Shirley, I’m glad you have made contact with Mike, I think my list of the the men who sailed to France on 25th Feb is the same as the one mentioned by Mike, which you should have seen by following his links. I hope you are enjoying this site as much as I am!

  4. James Crook

    Hi my wife’s Great Grandfather Pte 2025 Richard “Dick” Evans 1st/6th Bn Notts & Derbyshires of Chapel en le Frith was killed in Ypres by Artillery returning from Trench Repair Work at Sanctuary Wood on 4th July 1915. He is buried at Bedford House Cemetery. The shelling injured 30 to 40 and killed about 8 of the 1/6th Bn it made headlines. We have some photos of him if you want to have them uploaded let me know, we visit his grave once a year if we can “covid allowing” and are following his brief but sad war, he was holed up at Cassel when he arrived in theatre and hopefully he enjoyed a little time in Europe before being fatally wounded.
    regards James

    1. mikebriggs1910 Post author

      Hello James – many thanks for your message and sorry for the delay in replying but I was travelling for work. I would love to see the pictures of Dick that you have – that would be so kind of you. I am aware of the incident that he was killed in – it was a bad day for ‘Chapel’ and so early in the war too! best wishes Mike

      1. James Crook

        Hi Mike thanks for the reply, I will send the photos via email? I also have visited Ypres, Bedford House Cemetery and Sanctuary Wood and the videos are on my YouTube channel which I can also send you the link for you to look at, I have put it in the website box, if you scroll through the channel there are a few WW1 videos I have done,nothing perfect but it’s a hobby of mine. Once I have your email I’ll send pics of Pte Evans I also have a pic of him with his brother and his all in uniform which may be of interest to you too.

        Regards James

  5. James Crook

    Hi Mike did you get the images of Pte Richard Evans? if not I can resend them, we had a great visit and I have even got myself a piece of slate from the roof of the chateau at Bedford House Cemetery and I plan to get the image of Richard Evans placed on it.

  6. Mike Briggs

    Hi James – I did thanks, but for somehow missed your email, just searched and found it now. Glad you had a good trip, cheers Mike


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