Hunmanby Camp

Hunmanby 1914

Army Service Record for 1188 Pte. John Wright of “G” (Clay Cross) Company recording his attendance at the 1914 Annual Camp held at Hunmanby from 26th July to 3rd August.

When the 8th Sherwood Foresters concentrated at Hunmanby at the end of July 1914, for their usual annual training the International horizon was clouded with the diplomatic conversations which had followed the murder of the Archduke Francis Ferdinand of Austria by Serbians at Sarajevo.

The atmosphere was so charged with electricity that it was impossible to settle down to the normal routine of training, and there was little surprise when on August 3rd, Bank Holiday, Germany declared war on France, and when on the following day, August 4th, Great Britain herself, following upon the violation of the neutrality of Belgium, joined forces with Russia and France.

Territorial Camps were at once broken up and all ranks ordered home, with instructions to hold themselves in readiness for any emergency.

[8th Battalion History]


A rare picture of men from the 7th (Nottingham) Battalion at summer camp in Hunmanby (HP Hansen #1715).

stamp 2

This card was posted from Hunmanby Camp on the 30th July; just 4 days before the outbreak of the Great War.

The card was written by Amos Holmes and sent to his mother Fanny, who lived at 7 Lamcote Grove in The Meadows Nottingham. Amos’ writes:-

“I am sending this photo of our day out so you can see ow [sic] we cooked ow meals as it happens they have not any with me on but this do for you to see how busy we were”.

For more information on Amos Holmes please visit here.

Hunmanby 1914

Imperial Service Agreement signed by 2049 Pte. Frederick Whitehead on the 2nd August, just two days before the outbreak of War.

Captain Edgar Heathcote of “B” Buxton CompanyHeathcote 1914 Telegram

A telegram sent to Captain Edgar Heathcote on the 31st July informing that his father was visiting the Camp from Manchester (many thanks to David Wilkins).

Brimington lads (1)

Interesting photograph showing the ‘Brimington Lads’ and believed to be have been taken at Hunmanby Camp, but this has yet to be confirmed. Photograph courtesy of Sally Mullins please see Brimington Memorial.

Hunmanby Heathcote Company

Heathcote’s Chapel Companyimmison

Post card sent from Hunmanby by Pte Immison

Not sure this is Hunmamby Camp, but it shows men of the 1/5th or 1/6th Battalion

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