11/133 Pte Charles Banks

11th (2nd Hull Pals) Battalion East Yorkshire Regiment (Hull Tradesmen)
133 Charles MIC
133 Charles 14-15 Star133 Banks Medal Roll


  • September: Raising of the Battalion Anlaby Road Cricket Ground
  • October: Training Anlaby Road Cricket Ground
  • November: Training and issue of uniform Anlaby Road Cricket Ground
  • December: Training Anlaby Road Cricket Ground

Pocklington Camp, Yorkshire: January – May 1915

Pocklington 9 Feb 1917

Pocklington 9 Feb 1915
Dear Flo
Joe Hollingsworth has had to go home on account of the death of his mother. I was just posting letter when I met him
Yours Charles

Pocklington 23 Feb 1915

23 Feb 1915


Dear Flora
I shall be with you tomorrow at the usual time all being well
Best love
Hoping you are still safe and well
From your Charles

South Camp Ripon, Yorkshire: May – September 1915pocklington-1ripon-2ripon-3ripon-5ripon-6ripon-4ripon-7


Sun Sept 26/15 South Camp Ripon
Dearest Flora
I am sending you are Battalion lament hoping you are alright. I am feeling grand today
I have just got back from the Cathedral I quite enjoyed it. It is a beautiful day here. I went to the pictures last night for the first time since coming here. They were very nice. 
No more at present with heaps of love from your loving husband Charles
  • October Move to Salisbury Plain and issue of SMLE rifles
  • November: Final Range Practice Hurdcott and Larkhill

Overseas to Egypt on HMT Grampian: December 1915rms-grampian

Arrival in France on HMT Tunisian: March 1916tunisian

France 1916france-1916france-1916b

Rugeley Camp, Staffordshire: November 1916banks-nov-1916

Dear Raymond
Hope you are much better. I am fairly well and am sitting down alright
Best love to yourself and mother
Your loving father Charles Banks

June to September 1917

“C” Company 8th East Yorkshire Regiment

June 25 1917

June 25/17
Dear Flora
Hope you are alright. I am quite well. Best love to you both

July 7 1917

11/133 Pte C Banks
"C" Company 8th East Yorks
Dear Charles
I am again with the 10th & I hear you are somewhere near us. Keep your eyes open for our lot for I should like to see you if its at all possible. I am back with D Coy if you can find time to let one know by post how you are getting on. I am in the best of health. I hope you are the same
Your old friend

Aug 25 1917

France Aug 25/17
Dear Flora
Hope you are both quite well. I am quite well myself. Best love yo you both 
YLH Charles

Aug 31 1917

France Aug 31/17
Dear F
I am quite well hope you are the same
Love to you both
From YLH Charles 

Spet 1 1917

Sept 1/17
Dear F
I am quite well hope you are both the same
Very unsettled weather
Best love you LH Charles

Sept 2 1917

France Sept 2/17
Dear Flora
Hope you are both keeping well. I am quite well. I had a nice walk this afternoon
I wish you could have been with me
Better weather today 
Au revoir and best love
YLH Charles

sept 11 1917

France Sept 11/17
Dear Flora
Hope you are both well
I am quite well. Lovely weather here
I return to the bat 15th. Sorry to leave here
Hoping the War will end soon for I am tired of being away from home
Keep smiling and au revoir and very best love to you both
Your loving husband Charles 

sept 21 1917

Sept 21/17
Dear F
Alls well
Best love
YLH Charles

At some point in late September or early October Charles was wounded, possibly gassed, and sent to hospital in London

October and November 1917Oct 20 1917

Oct 20/17 London
Dear Flora
I am feeling grand & am getting on alright. Hope you are both quite well. 
Fondest love.
YLH Charles

7 Nov 1917

Nov 7/17 London
Dear Mother
Many thanks for tobacco. Glad you are better
I am not so well but think it is the reaction
Love from YLS Charles

24 Nov 1917

Sat London W2 [24 Nov 1917]
Dear Flora
Hope you are both well. I am feeling about alright now. Hope to see you soon
Fondest love to you both. From YLH Charles

Charles returned to France and was posted to the 12th/13th Northumberland Fusiliers