1908: “Gentlemen if you please”; the formation of the Territorial Force

Page Contents

  1. 1 Regimental Headquarters Sergeant William Broomhead.
  2. The new ‘Territorial Force’.
  3. Attestation into the 6th Battalion Notts & Derby Regiment: 479 Sergeant Henry Davies Rye.
  4. Annual Camp at Scarborough Racecourse.
  5. 115 Pte. Jonathan Gettins.
  6. “B” (Chapel-en-leFrith) Company, 6th Battalion.
  7. “Kimberley Section” 8th Battalion Notts and Derby.
  8. Machine Gun Section of the 6th Battalion.
  9. “A” (Chesterfield) Company Sergeants, 6th Battalion.
  10. Sergeants’ Mess: 111 Sergeant William Henry Cherry.
  11. Officers of the 6th Battalion: 1st April 1908.
  12. Address Role: Officers, Sergt.-Insts., Col.-Sergts.
  13. Men known to have enlisted during 1908.

2VB 6 1908

1 Regimental Headquarters Sergeant William Broomhead

“Gentlemen if you please”, and as the men formed an orderly line Broomhead found himself at the front and thus became No. 1 Regimental Headquarters Sergeant.


Broomhead PlaquePlaque attached to a wooden beuro presented to Quarter Master Sergeant William Broomhead from his Fellow Non-Commisioned Officers, Headquarters Companies, 2VB Notts and Derby Regiment, 31st March 1908 (Picture courtesy of Stuart Saint).

The new ‘Territorial Force’

1908 PaperArticles from the High Peak News describing the change from Volunteer Force to Territorial Force in 1908.

Attestation into the 6th Battalion Notts & Derby Regiment

479 Sergeant Henry Davies Rye from Bakewellrye476 Rye

The attestation form of 479 Henry Davies Rye who enlisted into “D” (Bakewell) Company the 6th Battalion (Notts & Derby) Sherwood Foresters on the 12th April 1908 and witnessed by Herbert Clifford Brooke-Taylor (below).Rye Brook Taylor

From this form we can see that Henry was 27 years of age and was born in Helmsley in Yorkshire. He lived in Bakewell and was an architect in the employment of W Wier. This forms also confirms that he had previously served with the 2VB Notts & Derby Regt. from 1900 with the number 5798.

479 Rye2

Annual Camp at Scarborough Racecourse

6th arriveArrival of the 6th Notts and Derby (#6S of the YMCA series).
The men are wearing Volunteer style uniforms with shoulder badges and a combination of slouch hats and caps.

shea 1908The Sergeant in charge of Duke I has a proficiency star and marksman badge, whilst Surg.-Lieut. William Sea is seated on his horse.
1908 RamPart of the same YMCA series (#13S) showing the “PET” of the 6th Notts & Derby

1908 Subalterns ScarbroughSubalterns of the 6th (Derbyshire) Battalion, Sherwood Foresters

Back row from left: Herbert Clifford Brooke-Taylor, Heathcote?, William Chester Spencer Elphinstone, Arthur Cuthbert Brooke-Taylor, William Ernest Victor Tompkins, Raleigh Hills.

Middle row from left: Evelyn Brownlow Johnson, Valentine Henry Elmes Langford, Charles Henry Dakeyne Dawson, Charles Harold Heathcote, Guy Nicholson.

Front row from left: Graham Parsons Earwalker, Arthur Wilson Shea, Unknown.

5th By Doran, Whitby

Senior NCOs of the 5th (Derby) Battalion, Sherwood Foresters

Petrie is sat front left

115 Pte. Jonathan Gettins115 Gettins

The Army Service Record of 115 Jonathan Gettins, a gas fitter from North Wingfield, and recording the Annual Camps of the 6th Battalion from 1908 until 1914, including the aborted Camp at Hunmanby in 1914 (note the dates have not been completed).

115 Getting 2Jonathan had originally enlisted into the 2nd Volunteer Battalion on the 20th March 1903 aged 17 and was given the regimental number 7630. He was discharged in August 1914 being medically unfit for further duty having served 6 years and 143 days with the Territorial Force.

“B” (Chapel-en-leFrith) Companyb coy

“B” Company 6th Notts and Derby (#40S of the YMCA series).

1908_B_Coy“B” Company were stationed at the Drill Hall in Chapel-en-le-Frith and were Commanded by Captain Welch, Lieutenant Winder and 2nd Lieutenant Graham Earwalker. The Senior N.C.O.s included Col.-Sergt. Inst. WL Jackson and Col.-Sergt. Peter Muir.

“Kimberley Section” 8th Battalion Notts and DerbyKimberley 8th

“Kimberley Section” 8th Notts & Derbys (#26S of the YMCA series)

Although the postcard clearly states the 6th N & D, it does in fact show the Kimberley Section of the 8th Battalion. The men still retain the 4th VB Notts & Derby Shoulder badges (see below).


This particular card was sent to Mrs Severn at Spring Hills in Kimberley by her son “JHL” and the post mark confirms it is from the 1908 Scarborough Camp.

Kimberley stamp

Machine Gun Section of the 6th Battalionmg

The Machine Gun Section is seen practicing in front of the Grand Pavilion on Scarborough Racecourse during the summer camp of 1908. The men are wearing a combination of peaked caps and slouch hats and the 2VB badge is clearly seen on the Sergeant kneeling by the gun carriage. Brigadier Murray is walking away after inspecting the gun crew.

“A” (Chesterfield) Company Sergeantsa coy seegeants

“A” (Chesterfield) Company Sergeants at Scarborough Camp in 1908.

Back row from left: N Ashforth, 95 Matthew Lowe, Mason, 755 James Arthur Sturgess, 468 James Needham, 96 Richard Holmes, 246 James Wilkinson.

Middle row: W Hopkinson, 280 John Henry Platts, EJ Hall, 1 William Broomhead, James Harrison, 200 Mudiman, 456 Henry Holland.

Front row: 7413 F Chappell.

  • 755 Col.-Sergt. Instr James Arthur Sturgess previously held the rank of Sergeant in the 1st Battalion and was Colour Sergeant of Militia Permanent Staff (PS). He was discharged to pension in 1911.755 sturges medals
  • 468 James Needham was awarded the Territorial Force Efficiency Medal in January 1913; but did not serve overseas during the Great War.
  • 96 Richard Holmes was born in 1877 and was serving with the Headquarters Company on mobilisation and arrived in France with the 6th Battalion on 28th February 1915. He later served as a  Col.-Sergt in the Labour Corps and was awarded the Territorial Force Efficiency Medal in November 1920. A boot maker by trade he was the Shoe-Maker Sergt.
  • 280 John Henry Platts was awarded the Territorial Force Efficiency Medal in October 1912. On mobilisation he was serving with  “A” Company but did not serve overseas during the Great War.
  • 1 William Broomhead was born in 1873 and was the first man to enlist in the newly formed 6th Battalion Sherwood Foresters Regiment on April 1908. He was later promoted to Lieutenant and finally rose to the rank of Captain.Broomhead
  • 200 Oscar Muddiman was born in 1874 and lived at 37 Chester Street in Brampton with his wife Lizzie. He was awarded the Territorial Force Efficiency Medal in October 1909 but he did not serve overseas during the Great War. He was a postman by trade.
  • 456 Henry Holland was awarded the Territorial Force Efficiency Medal in January 1909. He was serving with the Headquarters Company on mobilisation and arrived in France with the Battalion on 28th February 1915. He was mentioned in dispatches in June 1916 and later won the Distinguished Conduct Medal in 1917. He was discharged in May 1917 due to termination of engagement and was awarded the Silver War Badge.456 Holland456 Holladn 2
  • 246 James Wilkinson

Sergeants’ Mess: 111 Sergeant William Henry Cherry1908 Sergeants Mess Sergeants Mess

Sergeant Mess at Scarborough in 1908.

From left to right: 137 Transport Sergeant Farnsworth, 280 Sergeant Platts, 111 Sergeant Cherry and 1 Sergeant-Instructor Broomhead.

111 Sergeant William Henry Cherry was born in 1868 and had previously served in the 2nd VB Notts & Derby Regiment and 8th Company the Derbyshire Yeomanry. He was a butcher by trade and lived in Clay Cross.

William Cherry enlisted into the 2VB Notts & Derby in 1885 for a year and was given the number 1987. He re-enlisted in 1892 and was given the number 3564. He was promoted Sergeant in 1902.Cherry Medals

He Served in the South African War and was awarded the Queens South African Medal with Cape Colony and Orange River Colony Clasps; he also received the Long Service Medal.

111 Cherry 2

In 1915 William Cherry was the Regimental Quartermaster and arrived in France on the 28th February 1915. He returned to England on the 30th March 1916 and was discharged on 3rd April 1916 as ‘time expired’.

Officers of the 6th Battalion: 1st April 1908Officers 1908Officer 1908

Address Role: Officers, Sergt.-Insts., Col.-Sergts.

Honorary Colonel: Colonel JC Cavendish, ADC, VD. Darley House, Darley Abbey, Derby.

Commanding: Lieut.-Colonel GM Jackson. Clay Cross Hall, Chesterfield.

Lieut.-Colonel: Lieut.-Colonel & Hon. Colonel E Colles VD. The Croft, Whaley Bridge.

Major: Major JM Clayton. Longlands, Chesterfield.

Adjutant: Captain EW Atkinson, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers. Brookside, Brampton, Chesterfield.

Instructor of Musketry: Captain & Hon. Major E Hall. The Dingle, Whaley Bridge.

Medical Officers: Lieut AW Shea, Lordsmill Street, Chesterfield


  • Captain and Quartermaster Lynch left under the Age clause after serving for ten years. He was succeeded as Quartermaster by Quartermaster-Sergeant Broomhead (who had been Colour-Sergeant to the Cyclist Company).
  • Sergeant-Major Perkins retired to Pension (he had joined in 1892).
  • Sergeant-Instructor Arthur Shaw died.
  • Sergeant-Instructor Sadler retired to pension.
  • Sergeant-Instructor George Marriott retired to pension.
  • Sergeant-Instructor Green retired to pension.
  • Sergeant-Instructor W Shaw retired to pension.
  • 2225 Colour-Sergeant Musson joined the Battn on 1st April and was awarded LSM in 1908.
  • 137 Sergeant Joseph Farnsworth made Quartermaster.
  • Armourer-Sergeant Milner retired through the age clause.
  • Colour-Sergeant Young posted from the 4th Battalion on 7th November 1908.

    Men known to have enlisted during 1908underconstruction

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