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72118 Pte Charles Augustus Humphries

A ‘Londoner’ who was posted to the 2/7th Battalion, the Robin Hoods, in July 1917 and captured during the ‘Kaiserschlacht’ on 21st March 1918

Charles was awarded the BWM and VM

Unfortunately, not a lot is known about Charles Augustus Humphries. He was born in Islington on the 5th August 1880, but there does not appear to be any census or birth records for that precise date (note: the birth of a Charles Augustus Humphries was recored in Islington in 1881).

It is not known when Charles enlisted into the British Army, but he was part of a contingent of approximately 65 men that were transferred to the 2/7th Battalion Sherwood Foresters on the 28th July 1917.

These men were given the service numbers 72093-72158. A service record for Charles does not exist, but a record for 72152 Pte John William Moore, from Paistow in East London, does exists and from this we can draw several conclusions.

Army Form B. 103: Casualty Form – Active Service

John Moore was posted to the 2/7th Battalion, the Sherwood Foresters on the 28th July 1917 along with the 64 other men. This appeared to happen at the 63rd Infantry Base Depot. John had originally served with the 47th and 43rd Training Reserve Battalions at Sandhill. It’s possible that Charles also trained with one of these Battalions.

Medal Role

Charles only served in France with the 2/7th Battalion from July 1917, therefore taking part in the 59th Division attack on 26th September during the 3rd Battle of Ypres.

2/7th Battalion, Sherwood Foresters War Diary
Trench Map

The 2/7th Battalion, Sherwood Foresters were responsible for capturing the ‘S’ Area, whilst the 2/6th Battalion, Sherwood Foresters were responsible for capturing the ‘R’ Area.

Charles was made a prisoner of war on the 21st March 1918 during the German spring offensive. It is not known when he was repatriated.

Kaiserschlacht vignettes: Robert Alwyn Dane from Eyam

2843/240759 Sergeant Robert Alwyn Dane from Eyam

2843/240759 Sergeant Robert Alwyn Dane

Robert enlisted in October 1914 into the 2/6th Battalion and arrived in France in February 1917. He was wounded in April 1917 and granted leave to the UK in September 1917. Robert was recorded as ‘missing in action’ on the 21st March 1918 and later died of his wounds on the 14th April.

Casualty Form – Active Service
Robert was wounded in the back
Derbyshire Time from 1918

Kaiserschlacht vignettes: Bernard Boam from Winster

4743/241691 L/Cpl Bernard Boam

Bernard Boam

Bernard attested in December 1915 and was mobilised in January 1916. He arrived in France with “B” Company, the 2/6th Battalion in February 1917 and was made a prisoner of War on 21st March 1918.

Record of capture
Repatriation list
Hospital admission list
Pension card

Bernard was repatriated in August 1918 and admitted to The King George Hospital on Stamford Street in London. He was discharge in December 1918 and awarded a pension. Bernard died in 1971.

King George Military Hospital
George Hospital, ward {c. 1915-1918} Credit: Wellcome Library, London.

Kaiserschlacht vignettes: George Robert Yeomans from Upper Marehay in Derbyshire

83786 Pte George Robert Yeomans, Lewis Gunner, B Company, 2/6th Battn, aged 20 from Upper Marehay.

“We were holding the line on March 21st 1918. I was wounded in the left leg by a gun shot and taken prisoner a few hours afterwards. My leg was amputated April 8th 1918 at Cassel Germany”

George attested into the 3rd Battalion The Sherwood Foresters in April 1917 arrived in France on 5th December 1917. He was initially posted to the 11th Battalion, but was then transferred to the 2/6th Battalion and posted to “B” Company.

Kaiserschlacht vignettes: Horace Allen from Sudbury

4745/241692 Pte Horace Allen

Horace Allen enlisted in December 1915
Horace served with the 2/6th Battalion
Horace Allen, front row second from left; picture taken in Ireland in 1916
Horace was serving with “B” Company when he was captured on the 21st March 1918
Horace was wounded in the left hand and shoulder

Kaiserschlacht vignettes: Arthur Pollard and Jack Kitchen

2/Lt Arthur Pollard and 305688 Company Sergeant Major Jack Kitchen

“He was first wounded by a German officer, but continued to assist his CSM (Jack Kitchen), who was also wounded, until they were both shot again, and killed instantly.”

From the Memorial Book of Leeds Modern School.

See Link.

Arthur Pollard from Leeds

Arthur Pollard

Second Lieutenant Arthur Pollard, “C” Company, 2/6th Battalion Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regiment, was killed in action on 21st March 1918. He was the 27 year-old son of Joseph Henry and Sarah Eleanor Pollard of 14 Eldon Place, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds.

Jack Kitchen from Mansfield

Jack served with both the 2/8th and the 2/6th Battalions
Jack’s wife Sarah received a pension

For Jack’s story see here.