8853 Pte Alexander Herron

11th August 1903: Enlisted into the Sherwood Foresters for 3 years with the Colours and 9 years in the Reserve aged 18yrs and 10mo.

Home: 11th August 1903 to 2nd November 1904.

Strait Settlements (Singapore): 3rd November 1904 until 29th January 1906: 1st Battalion.

30th January 1906: Posted to 2nd Battalion.

Home: 30th January 1906 until 9th October 1914.

10th August 1906: Transfered to Reserve.

August 1914: Mobilised at Derby.

5th August 1914: Posted to 3rd Battalion.

10th August 1914: Posted to 2nd Battalion.

France: 10th October 1914 until 25th November 1915: 2nd Battalion.

Home: 26th November 1915 until 13th May 1916.