Officers of the 2/6th Battalion summer 1916

2_6th Officer 1916

The above is a photograph of the officers of the No. 1 Mobile Column who, immediately after the quelling of the rebellion in Dublin, proceded under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel H. S. Hodgkin, D.S.O. (Commanding Officer, Sherwood Foresters) to Longford, and from there marched through the counties of Roscommon, Leitrim, Longford, Westmeath, and a portion of Meath west of the River Boyne. Search was made for arms and rebels. The column was “on trek” for three weeks, and the infantry marched through about 200 miles of country.

Reading from left to right:- Top row:-

  • 9188 Regimental Sergeant Major T Cumming
  • Sec.-Lieut John Franklin Hutchinson
  • Lieut. Harry Douglas
  • Lieut. Charles P. Browne
  • Sec.-Lieut. Douglas Charles Lockwood
  • Lieut. Cyril Lucian O’Ferrall
  • Lieut. Frank Brindley

Second row:-

  • Sec.-Lieut. Gerald Hugh Tuft (formerly the Artists Rifles, died 27.4.1917 aged 24)
  • Capt. Houghton Ealdred Okeover, M.V.O.
  • Sec.-Lieut. Slade (K.E.H.)
  • Sec.-Lieut. Montgomery (K.E.H.)
  • Sec.-Lieut. Thompson (K.E.H.)
  • Sec.-Lieut. Stanley Arthur Rogers (k/a 21.3.1918)

Third row:-

  • Capt. W. Duncan, R.A.M.C.
  • Capt. and Adjt. Valentine Henry Elwes Langford
  • Major Heny Welch
  • Lieut.-Col. H. S. Hodgkin, D.S.O. (Commanding Mobile column)
  • Major J. N. Macdonald (K.E.H.)
  • Capt. William Brabazon Mather Jackson (k/a 27.4.1917 aged 23)
  • Capt. William Ernest Victor Tompkins

Fourth row:-

  • Sec.-Lieut. W. E. Watt (K.E.H.)
  • Lieut. and Quartermaster William James Keery
  • Sec.-Lieut. Watt (K.E.H.)

All the above are officers of the Sherwood Foresters except where shown (King Edward’s Horse).

Image from Photographs from the Sheffield Daily Telegraph, 1914-1917 vol. 2 (Local Studies 940.43 SSTQ)