The Reserve Battalions

Establishment of the 5th and 7th Reserve Battalions on 1st September 19165th-reserve

On the 1st September 1916 the 5th Reserve Battalion Notts & Derby Regiment was formed through the amalgamation of the 3/5th and 3/6th Battalions. At this time all the men were renumbered to avoid duplication.
5th Reserve 3

Service record for Thomas Edward Turner recording his enlistment into the 6th Reserve Battalion (2/6th) on the 20th October 1914 (3328) and his attachment to the 9th Provisional Battalion on 12th June 1915. He was transferred the to the 6th Reserve Battalion (3/6th) on the 10th July 1916 and then then into the newly formed 5th Reserve Battalion on the 1st September 1916 and issued with the number 5990. He was re-numbered 202586 during the 1917 Territorial Force renumbering in spring 1917 before being discharged in June 1917. He did not serve overseas.

Humorous postcard sent from Swanwick sent by by CSM Luke Marshall to his daughter at 87 Nightingale Rd, Derby.

2533 / 330965 CSM Luke Marshall was a widower living at 87 Nightingale Rd, Derby. Served with the 1st Volunteer Battalion, Notts & Derby Regiment from Jan 1896 - 30 March 1908. Served with the 5th Battalion, Notts & Derby Regiment from 1.4.1908 - July 1909. Re-enlisted 5.10.1914 into the 2/5th Battalion Notts & Derby Regiment and promoted CSM [ in order to assist with training ]. Home service till 18.10.1917 when posted to France with a draft for the 9th Battalion [ 11th Division ]. Not suitable as a CSM under service conditions, and was returned to UK for Home Service on 15.2.1918.  

7th Reserve Battalion in Louth early 19187th-reserve-battalion7th-reserve

Photograph of young recruit taken by Greenwood Photographer suggesting it might be the 5th or 7th Reserve Battalion 1916-1918

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