The Hospital Ships

ship-1The following Hospital Ships are known to have transferred the wounded North Midland Territorials to various Hospitals in England. The names of these Hospital Ships are recorded on the Casualty Active Service Form of men from the 46th North Midland Division.

HMHS St David (John Brown & Co. Clydebank, 19? -1944)

HMHS St David copy

979 Huckles

HMHS Oxfordshire (Harland and Wolff, Liverpool 1912-1958)


1340 Coverley

HMHS Asturias (1907-1933)HMHS_Asturias

HMHS Salte (1911-1917)HMHS_Salta

HMHS St Andrew (John Brown, Clydebank 1908-1933)HMHS St Andrew

HMHS Carisbrooke Castle (Fairfield, Glasgow 1894-1922)Carrisbrook Castle

HMHS St Patrick (John Brown, Clydebank 1906-1929)HMHS_StPatrick

SS Brighton (Denny & Bros., Dumbarton 1903-1933)HMHS Brighton

SS Lydia (J & G Thomson Clydebank 1890-1933)Lydia_251

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