3415/241062 Sergeant Samuel Henry Lomas


An October 1914 recruit from Tideswall

Served in Ireland and arrived in France with the 2/6th Battalion in February 1917. Fatally wounded and missing on 27th April 1917.

3415 Lomas 23415 Lomas Attestation

Samuel re-enlisted into the 2/6th Battalion in October 1914 aged 34. He had previously served 9 years with the 2nd Volunteer Battalion Sherwood Foresters.2-6th NCOs Buxton

Senior NCOs of the 2/6th Battalion at the Empire Hotel in Buxton

3415 lomas lomas

Samuel in Ireland during the summer of 1916

Lomas RSA medal roll

South African Medal roll recording Samuel Lomas’s entitlementLomas DCM

Citation for the Distinguished Conduct Medal

Cologne Farm 1917Lomas April 19173415 Lomas Casualty

2/6th Battalion War Diary entry recording the attack on QUARRIES and COLOGNE FARM on the 27th April 1917. During the attack Samuel Lomas was wounded and missing. In total the 2/6th Battalion lost 4 Officers and 31 men missing or killed in action.


11 thoughts on “3415/241062 Sergeant Samuel Henry Lomas

  1. Nigel Atter

    Lomas’ diary of his service in Ireland is held by the national army museum. It is reproduced in Mick O’Farrell’s, The 1916 Diaries.

    1. Andrew Boyle

      Hi there, The National Army Museum has a signed photo postcard of CSM Samuel Lomas. It only has a transcript of his diary, the whereabouts of the original diary is sadly unknown.

  2. David Yeoman

    Samuel Lomas is part of my family on my mother’s side of the family. They all lived in Church street and Buxton Road, Tideswell. His cousin Wilfred Lomas was KIA near Polecappelle in Dec 1917. We have a photo of the Tideswell football team in which all the players had the surname of Lomas.

      1. David Yeoman

        Hi Mike, Yes, the photo does contain a picture of Samuel Henry and my GGF Wilfred. I will get mum to scan a better copy than I currently have, then I will post it.

        Hi Andrew, Would love to catch up, I used to live in Buxton but emigrated to Western Australia many years ago. I would like to know if you have tried to find Samuels grave? The reason I ask is I trawled through over 10,000 exhumation documents at the CWGC and believe I have found Wilfreds and six others ‘graves all killed at the same time and same location.

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