A – E Officers

Leonard Walter Allen

Commissioned June 1917 and believed to have served with 2/6th Battalion

 Walter Archer

Served with 1/6th Battalion from March to April 1917; returned to England woundedArcher W

Sergeant 1084 and arrived in France on 2nd March 1915. Commissioned 24th January 1917. Lived at Willow Grange in Lamberley, Nottinghamshire.

Awarded Military Cross in 1918 Battalion not known (2/6th Battalion?)Walter ArcherArcher April 1917

Vernon Hay Armitage

Served with 1/6th Battalion from July 1916 to April 1917; returned to England wounded

Born the 29th April 1888 and died in Bournemouth in 1958. Lived at Edgewoth House in Berkhamstead. Awarded Military Cross, Chevalier de la Couronne and Belgian Croix de Guerre (WO 374/2171).

Armitage LG

Attended Repton School (1906-07). Played as a wicket keeper in five matches for Repton School Cricket Club between June 1906 and July 1907.

Armitage wounding

Wounded during that attack on Fosse 3 De LievinArmitage

Arthur Lindley Ashwell

Served with 1/6th Battalion from April 1917; returned to England wounded

Ashwell AL

Left the 1/6th Battalion on 13th April 1917 due to wounds

Edward William Atkinson, DSO OBE

Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

(Adjutant 1908-1920)Atkinson 1Atkinson 19061911 AtkinsonAtkinson census 1911Cecil Ridings LG 1915Atkinson LG 1915

 Arthur Taylor Ault

Served with 1/6th Battalion from November 1918

Born Abertilly Monmouthshire in 1883. He was serving with the 3rd Battalion North Staffordshire Militia when he enlisted in the ranks of the North Staffordshire Regiment on 11th January 1902 with number 6627. Extended his service to complete 8 years on the 7th August 1904 and appointed L/Cpl on the 15th April 1912, discharged time expired 10th January 1914.

Served at home 1902 to 1903, India 1903 to 1912, home again 1912 to 1914, a total of 12 years; re-enlisted at Coventry 1915 into 3rd Battalion North Staffordshire Regiment with number 17097 in 1915 and appointed Acting Corporal, Sergeant 1915, promoted to Sergeant 1917 and was at Devonport 1915, then to Seaham, after which he went to Forest Hall.

Recommended as a suitable candidate for admission to an Officer Cadet Unit with a view to appointment to a Commission more especially in the Machine Gun Corps 1917. He was admitted to No 1 Officer Cadet Battalion at Newton Fevers on in November 1917. Discharged to a Commission in April 1918, to the 3rd Battalion Sherwood Foresters London Gazette 6th May 1918.

Ault Service Records

Commissioned 2nd Lieutenant in March 1918, arrived in France on 26th October 1918 and joined 1/6th Battalion on the 2nd November 1918.Ault

Ault MICAult 6thLater served in 6th (Poona) Division of the Indian Army during the Iraq Rebellion in January 1920. Also served with the Auxiliary Division of the Royal Irish Constabulary during the Irish War of Independence (1920-22).


Benjamin Morley Badcock

Served with 1/6th Battalion from June to July 1917; killed in action

Born in Staveley on December 7th 1897. Arrived in France on 27th June 1918 and was killed in action 12 days later (WO 374/3001).

Badcock MICBadcock killedBadcock

John St. John Balguy

Served with 1/6th Battalion from July 1918; posted to 9th Battalion

Balguy Becher April 1918Balguy MIC

Joined 1/6th Battalion on the 3rd July 1918; transferred to the 9th Battalion on the 23rd July 1918.

More information here.

Joined 1/6th Btn on 3rd July 1918, transferred to 9th Btn on 23rd July 1918. Later went to Egypt with 2nd Btn and later to the Gold Coast. Early in 1927 he joined 1st Btn at Londonderry and by the end of the year was in Karachi as adjutant to the Karachi Volunteer Force. Rejoined 1st Btn at Shorncliffe in August 1932.

Cecil Fisher Barham MC

Served with 1/6th Battalion from October 1917 to April 1918; returned to England wounded

BarhamCecil Fisher Barham. Served with East Kent Yeomanry and Corps of Hussars. Commissioned in August 1917, arrived in France on 26th October 1917 and joined the 6th Battalion on 31st October 1917. Returned to England wounded on 16th April 1918. Awarded the Military Cross.

Barham CFBarham 1917

Served with the Auxillary Division RIC see here

1920 Aug 27. Joined ADRIC with service no 254. Section Leader. Posted to D Coy.

1921 Jan 18. Badly wounded at Kilroe Ambush

1921 Feb 14 Admitted Galway Mil Hospital

Henry Clement Barham


Served with 2/6th Battalion

Born about 1893 in Etchingham, Sussex. He died aged 95 years at Greenacres, Cottenden Road, Stonegate.  Gazetted October 1917. Henry married Gertrude Baker by banns on 31 December 1918 at Stonegate. He was then a 25 year old bachelor and Lieutant with the Sherwood Forresters. Gertrude was a 24 year old spinster of Stonegate Farm. (WO 76/416/41)

Second Lieutenant Henry Clement Barham originally served in the ranks with the Royal Sussex Regiment, landing in France on 18th February 1915. He was commissioned on 29th September 1917 and taken prisoner on 21st March 1918 with 2/6th Battalion Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regiment, being repatriated on 1st December 1918.

Barham LG Oct 1917

Barham grave

John Edwin Barker

Served with 1/6th Battalion from January to July 1917; returned to England wounded

Barker JE

Served as Sergent 132 and arrived in France on the 28th February 1915. Commissioned in December 1915 and returned to France in January 1916. Wounded and transferred to England on the 6th July 1916. Later served with the Tank Corps.

‘Second-Lieut. J.E. Barker of Clay Cross, who is attached to the Sherwood Foresters has again been wounded in action, his wife receiving official intimation on Monday to the effect that her husband had been admitted into hospital suffering a gun shot wound on the arm. . . . . . Second Lieutenant Barker is a son of Mr and Mrs Barker of Thanes Street, Clay Cross, and his home is in Revil Street, Clay Cross. He was a Sergeant in the local Territorials at the outbreak of hostilities and was later promoted to the rank of Quartermaster Sergeant, and subsequently received a Commission.’


Barker MICBarker MIC address

Ernest Reginald Barlow


Served with 1/6th Battalion from January to February 1917; returned to England for duty
Barlow ER CommissionBarlow ER MICBarlow ER address

Commissioned 16th March 1915

Arrived in France 25th October 1915.

Returned to England wounded/sick?

Arrived in France on 7th May 1917.

Transferred from the 7th Sherwood Foresters on 30th January 1918.

Transfered to England ‘on duty’ on 20th February 1920.

Geoffrey Petrie Barlow

Attached to 5th Battalion

military_cross2Served with the King Edward’s Horse and arrived in France in June 1916. Commissioned in September 1916 and joined the . Died on the 2nd September 1917. Posthumously awarded the Military Cross for conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during a successful raid on the enemies trenches. He led his party in the enemy trenches, rushed a bombing post, and personally killed two of the garrison. Throughout the action he showed utter disregard of personal safety, and set a splendid example to his men (LG 7 March 1918 & WO 374/4010). BarlowBarlow GP MICBarlow MIC address

William Bavin

Served with 1/6th Battalion from July to September 1918; killed in action

Attached from 1st Battalion. Joined 1/6th Battalion at Verquin on 16th July 1918. Killed in action near Ascension Spur on 29th September 1918 aged 19.BavinBavin WBavin addressVis-en-Artois Memorial

Leslie Kendall Beard

Served with 1/6th Battalion from December 1918 to January 1919; Demobilised on leave

Beard LK

Joined from the 7th Battalion on 27th December 1918 and demobilised on 18th January 1919. Previously served as 216927 Acting Company Sergeant Major in the Manchester Regiment.

WO 374/5025

Lancelot Alleyn Blakeney Becher

Served with 1/6th Battalion from July 1918

Balguy Becher April 1918

Becher LABBecher address

Commissioned April 1918; arrived in France on 3rd July 1918 and joined 1/6th Battalion on 23rd July 1918.

WO 76/414/145

Reginald Belton

WO 76/416/115

 Edward Neville Bewley

Served with 2/6th Battalion; killed in action

Inns of Court. Served with the 2/6th Battalion Killed in action on the 26th June 1917 and buried in Metz-en-Couture Communal Cemetery Extension by the Field Ambulance. For more information please see here. WO 339/78754.

Bewley EN profileBewley LG Oct 1915Bewley EN

2:6th War Diary June 1917

Charles Bimrose

Served with 1/6th Battalion from September to October 1918; killed in action

Charles was born on 11th March 1893 the son of Daniel Bimrose, a sub-postmaster of 36 Harlech Terrace, Dewsbury Road in Beeston. He was admitted to Cockburn School on 11th September 1905, just over a year after his elder brother Edgar Alan Bimrose (Private 63441 York & Lancs Regiment).

BimroseBimrose attestation

Joined 1/6th Battalion on 5th September 1918 and killed in action on the 3rd October 1918.BimroseBimrose2

Melvyn Robert Kemp Bion


Served with 1/6th Battalion from January 1915 to November 1916; returned to England sick

Born 1892 in India; Died 24 Jan 1941 in Pennington, near Ulverston, Lancashire, England.

BionBION LG March 1915Bion casualty formST_Denis-01

Gazetted into the 3/6th Battalion on 10th March 1915; Arrived in France on 11th January 1916; joined 1/6th Battalion on 15th January and transferred to England on 1st November 1916. Attached to the 222nd Transportation Works Company of the Royal Engineers. Demobilised on 28th April 1919.

WA Blackwall

Royal Army Chaplains DepartmentBlackwell AWBlackwall WABlackwall WA addressSt cuthberts

Charles Victor Henry Cheetham Blackwall


Served with 1/6th Battalion from February 1915

Blackwall CVHC

Born 12th June 1887 and died in 1978. Gazetted 2nd Lieutenant on 14th September 1910. Arrived in France in 1915; Joined from England (July 1916); To 3rd Army School (August 1916); Rejoined from Divisional Depot Battn (March 1917); Seconded to 1st Corps School as Instructor (April 1917); Rejoined Battn from 1st Corps (February 1918); On Leave (April 1918).

Blackwall CVHC MICBlackwall CVHC address

John Eaton Blackwall

Served with 1/6th Battalion from February to October 1916; posted to 1/8th Battalion

Blackwall JE portraitAt Braintree in Feb 1915. Arrived in France in February 1915 Took over Command of 8th Sherwood Foresters at Loos on 15th October 1915. Transferred to 8th Sherwood Foresters and promoted Temp Lt/Col on 3rd December 1915. LG MID January 1917 LG DSO January 1917.

Blackwall JEBalckwell JE October 1915Blackwall JE MIDBlackwall JE addressBlackwall JE

William Blood

Served with 1/6th Battalion from February to July 1918; returned to England wounded

Served with 1/6th Battalion from December 1918 to April 1919; returned to England on demobilisation

Joined from England on 16th February 1918 and wounded in action on the 1st July 1918 by a German shell landing on “C” Company Headquarters.Blood MICBlood address

Kenneth Hills Bond

Served with 1/6th Battalion from October 1915 to January 1918; transferred to Indian ArmyBond KH

bondKenneth Hills Bond was born in Swadlincote, Burton-on-Trent on 30 June 1895. As a Student he enlisted as a Private in the 8th Reserve Cavalry Regiment on 20 September 1914. He was discharged to a commission in the 2/6th Battalion Sherwood Foresters, 16 March 1915. He entered the France/Flanders theatre of war on 28 October 1915, joining the 1/6th Battalion at Bethune on 30 November. Awarded the M.C. for his daring services between the lines during the Autumn of 1916.

“At Bellacourt on 30th September 1916, this officer displayed marked gallantry and enterprise in crossing “No Mans land” in broad daylight. Accompanied by four men he crawled up to the German wire, cut his way through and lay up in a German listening post, in the hope that a hostile patrol might come out to the post, thus giving an opportunity for their capture or destruction. No patrol came and 2/Lieutenant Bond repeated this very risky operation on two occasions but without success. He has done consistent good work on patrol on this front, on the Vimy ridge and at Fonquevilliers (on one occasion lying out all day between the lines) thereby obtaining much valuable information”

M.C. London Gazette 25 November 1916.

Promoted to Lieutenant in July 1917, he was wounded at St. Eloi, 13 August 1917. Later served with the 2/129th Baluchis during the Third Afghan War.Kenneth Hills Bond

Bond LG

At one time he lived at Wayside on Brockwell Lane in Chesterfield and worked for the Military Diary Farms Department. He died on 23 February 1976.

Richard Harvey Bond

46th Division ADC


Lived at Clifton Cross in Ashbourne and was the owner of a tape manufacturing business.

Originally served with the 2VB Notts & Derby (1902-1908) in “E” Ashbourne Company.

Served in France from February 1915 to January 1917 and April 1918 to February 1919.

ADC in 46th Division.

MID in 1916.

Also served as a Major with the West Riding Regiment.

Transfered to the Territorial Reserve list in 1921.

Retired from the Army in 1931.

Died on the 23 May 1940 aged 58. Married to Janet Emily Bond (d. 1972 aged 88) and buried in St Mary’s Churchyard in Mappleton.Bond KHBond RH Service

Sydney Ben Boulton

Served in France with 1/6th Battalion from May 1918

Boultonboulton address

Reginald Basil Brace

Served in Ireland and France with 2/6th Battalion; Prisoner of War in March 1918

Brace 2Reginald Basil Brace was born in New Whittington, Chesterfield, on 25th  March 1890. He was educated at the Grammar School in Chesterfield and at Isleworth College. He was a Schoolmaster living at 38 Grove Lane, Stamford Hill in London when he attested for the 6th London Regiment on 5th September 1914. He was appointed Lance Corporal on 28th November 1914 and promoted to Corporal 26 in June 1915.

He was commissioned 2/Lieutenant 18 November 1915 into the 2/6th Battalion Sherwood Foresters. The 2/6th Battalion were formed at Chesterfield 14 September 1914 they were mobilised and sent to Dublin 26 April 1916 during the Easter risings.

Lieutenant Brace with 80 men manned the British barricade opposite the GPO and had a reserve party under cover protected from snipers. His men broke up a strong enemy attack from within the GPO and he managed to fire an enemy barricade. Lieutenant Brace in Henry Street was able to rescue Lieutenant Chalmers and a small party that had been imprisoned in the GPO. They ran the gauntlet of two fires but escaped, Lieutenant Brace sent Chalmers under escort to the Sherwood Forester’s barricade in Parnell Street.

Brace was promoted to acting Captain 1 November 1917 and was wounded and taken prisoner of war on 21 March 1918 at Riencourt, the first day of the German spring offensive, wounded before being taken POW by bomb fragments to his hand and leg. Awarded the Military Cross London Gazette 3 June 1918. Repatriated 12 December 1918, Brace returned to London and the teaching profession relinquishing his commission 30 September 1921.

Herbert Parnell Giestrap Brantson

Arrived in France with the 2/6th Battalion on 27th February 1917

Made Town Major of Metz-en-Coutre in June 1917

Brabston MICBrabston Address

William Hunstone Brierley

Served in Ireland and France with 2/6th Battalion; killed in action September 1917Brierley WH

William Hunstone Brierley was born on 21 November 1896, the son of William and Mary Brierley of Beech House Tideswell Buxton. In September 1912, when he was 17 years old, he started working for Manchester & County Bank.

In November 1914 Brierley left this job at the bank’s New Mills branch to join the army. He was commissioned into the Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment), and by 1917 had reached the rank of Captain. Served with the 2/6th Battalion and he was killed in action in France on 26 September 1917. He was 20 years old. Buried in New Irish Farm Cemetery.War Diary 1917 2:6thBrierly MIC

Brierley grave

Albert Francis Briggs

(WO 339/101563?).

The Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Regiment).
The undermentioned to be Second Lieutenants (on probation). Dated 26th January,1916:-

Cadet  Albert Francis Briggs, from the Nottingham University Contingent, Senior Division, Officers Training Corps.Briggs AFBriggs AF address

Frank Brindley

Served with 2/6th Battnbrindley167 Brindley

Enlisted into the 2VB in 1897 and was given the regimental number 7408. He saw service in the Boer War as a Sergeant where he was mentioned in despatches. He was Commissioned into the 2/6th Battalion The Sherwood Foresters and saw action in the Easter Rising of 1916. He was gassed in April 1916 and his M.C. was awarded for action with 2/6th at Jeancourt 31st March 1917, he was also awarded the Croix de Guerre and Palm Knight of the Order of St. John. He died in 1954.

His Gazette citation of 15 June 1917 read: “2nd Lt. (temp. Lt.) Frank Brindley, Notts. Derby. E. For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. He covered the retirement of the Battalion to a fresh position with a machinegun, and was the last man to leave the position. He set a fine example to his men“.

The Military Cross was presented to him by the King at Buckingham Palace in 1918.Brindley MICBrindley address

Archibald Joseph Bristow

Commissioned into the Essex Regiment in October 1918Bristow AJMany thanks for Phil Wood for sending the photograph of his Great Grandfather.

Bristow AJBristow January 1919

Edwin Charles Brodbeck

Served with 1/6th Battalion; killed in action

Prior to the War was a Bank Clerk and enlisted in Cambridge on the 8th August 1914. Previously served with 1st Eastern General Hospital RAMC and 15th Battalion London Regiment (Civil Service Rifles) and Commissioned in the 7th Notts & Derby on the 26th June 1917 (WO 374/9243)Brodbeck attestationBrodbeck ServiceBrodbeck LG 1917

Brodeck CEwar diary brodbeckEdwin Brodbeck was killed in action whilst on a daylight raid, but his body was never recovered and his is Commemorated on the Loos Memorial and also on the Mundella School Memorial in St Mary’s Church Nottingham.

EJ Brook

no MIC?

 Herbert Brook-Taylor (1855 – 1923)

Brooker-Taylor HerbertBrooke-Taylor 1891Brooke-taylor 1901Brooke-Taylor 1911

Herbert Clifford Brook-Taylor (1887-1982)

Served with 1/6th Battalion

Brooke-Taylor HCBrooke-Taylor HC

Herbert Clifford was born in 1887 and Commissioned into the 6th Battalion on ??. Herbert was promoted to Captain and assigned to “C” Company; he arrived in France on 28th February 1915.

Brooke-Taylor HC MICBrooke_Taylor HC address

Arthur Cuthbert Brook-Taylor (1888-1915)

Brooke-Taylor AC

Arthur Cuthbert was born in Bakewell in March 1888 and attended Teighmore College in Cheltenham and and Manchester University were he graduated as a Qualified Engineer. He was commissioned into the 2nd Volunteer Battalion Sherwood Foresters in November 1905.

‘Quite one of the interesting features in connection with D Company of the 6th Notts and Derby is a gun of the maxim kind, which had been invented by Lieut A C B Taylor and mounted by Mr Bennett Needham of Bakewell. It can be carried anywhere on two poles and fixed up on any ground, no matter how rough, in an instant. Its carriage is a tripod, which enables it to be turned on any point with the ease of a turn of the head.’

[High Peak News, August 1910]

Maxim and poles

Arthur transferred to the 6th Battalion Manchester Regiment in the spring of 1914. He arrived in Egypt in September 1914 before landing at Cape Helles in Gallipoli. He died of wounds on the 4th June 1915 aged 27 and is Commemorated on the Helles Memorial. A resident of Knutsford and a heating and ventilation engineer.

Brooke-Taylor AC

Brooke-Taylor AC addressBrooke-Taylor ACB ObitBrooke-Taylor memorial gateknutsford2UniMan

Edward Mallalieu Brook-Taylor (1894-1953)

Served with 1/6th Battalion

Brooke-Taylor EMBrooke-Taylor EM

Edward Mallalieu was born in 1894 and served with the 6th Battalion. He was Commissioned in ?? and served with “C” Company. He arrived in France on 28th February 1915. He later became Brigade Major of the 10th Infantry Brigade and eventually rose to the rank of Lt.-Colonel. Buxton Home Guards Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire.

  • 14.3.1916 MONT ST ELOY: Capt E.M. BROOK-TAYLOR took over Command & payment of Lt “C” Company.
    Brooke-Taylor EMBrooke-Taylor EM address

William North BroomheadBROOMHEAD copybroomhead

Quartermaster and Lieutenant Broomhead PlaqueBroomhead houseBroomheadHMHS AberdonianBroomhead transfer

Cecil Arthur Brown, MC

(1893-1917)brown ca

Cecil Arthur Brown was born on the 29th October 1893 and was educated at Holmleigh and Shrewsbury Schools. Served as a 2nd Lieutenant 2/6th Battalion The Sherwood Foresters on 5th October 1914, later Lieutenant  22nd March 1915 and joined 1/6th Battalion at Sanctuary Wood 7th-8th August 1915. He was wounded 9th August 1915 by shrapnel in the shoulder and was killed in Action 21st April 1917. During these latter operations the 6th Battalion were at Fosse 3 near Lievin.

Lt Brown and twenty other ranks were killed with five Officers and 71 NCO’s and men wounded with three missing.Brown CA April 1917

William Leonard Brown

Brown W L 2nd Lt 6th Notts Derby Regt De Ruvignys Roll Of Honour Vol 3Brown WL LG March 1915Brown WL Sept 1915Brown WL killedBrown WL grave

Brown WLBrown WL addressWO374/9608 or 9609

Charles P BrowneBrowne CPbrowne cpbrowne cp 2

 George William Bucklow

BucklowBucklow MIC

Bucklow address

WO 339/94835

Gazetted 2nd Lt in June 1917.

Granted Temporary 2nd Lt. Observer Officer in November 1918.

Emigrated to Australia.

Leonard Victor BurrowsBurrowsburrows service form

Information has been received that Second Lieut. Leonard Victor Burrows, of the Sherwood Foresters, son of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Burrows, The Chevin, Belper, and husband of Mrs. Burrows, of Stirton, was killed in action in France on Sept. 1st.

In a letter to Mrs. Burrows, Major James A. Shedden states:-

“Perhaps you would like to have just a short account of how your husband fell, and I think I can tell you in a few words. The enemy were on one side of the stream; he and his platoon were on the other, and he was ordered to cross the stream and drive the enemy out of a post which was important we should secure for future operations. In this he succeeded so skillfully that he completed his part without any loss of men. After establishing himself he proceeded to gain touch with a platoon on his flank, and here had a further brush with the enemy and was hit with a bomb splinter. I do not think he suffered much, as I believe he expired very quickly. I understand that he had on several occasions previously rendered good service. He must have been very popular with his men, as they very gallantly rescued his body from within thirty yards of the enemy’s post. He did his duty and did it well.”

Sec. Lieut. Burrows, who was 26 years of age, enlisted in the Duke of Wellington’s West Riding Regiment, and went out to France in April, 1915, and remained there until December, 1916 when he was offered and accepted a commission.

He returned to France in June, 1917, and was attached to the Sherwood Foresters, and had been in the firing line ever since. He had had several recommendations from the Divisional Commander. Prior to joining up he was employed in the office of Messrs. Dewhurst’s Belle Vue Mills, being the first member of the office staff to enlist.Burrows August 1917

Burrows death

John Clagget Cairdcaird MICCaird address

 Donald Cash

CASH MICCash address

 Rowland Walker Cash

Cash MICcash address

 John Marsden Chandler

ChandlerChandler JM1915 June John Marsden Chandler

Recruited for the 3/6th Battalion in Chesterfield.

Marsden MICChandler address

 Donald James Clarkson

(1899-1918)clarkson DJ

Clarkson MICClarkson adress

Richard Dudley ClayClay RD MICClay RD address

Born 1896.

Served with 1/7th Battalion.

 Geoffrey Shaw Clayton

Clayton MICclayton address

Admitted to the Bar Nov. 1903.

Member of Bramwell, Clayton & Clayton, of Newcastle-on-Tyne.

Enlisted Oct. 31, 1914, as Private, 18th (Service) Batt. King’s Liverpool Regt.

Commissioned as 2nd Lieut. Nov. 23, 1914

Capt. Feb. 1915,

Major March 1915

Lieut.-Colonel Feb. 1918.

Once mentioned in Dispatches.

Awarded the D.S.O.

Served in France. Nov. 1915 to Dec. 1918.

Lieutenant-Colonel Geoffrey Shaw Clayton OC 1/6th Battalion from 04/10/1918 to 11/11/1918.

JA ClaytonClayton JA MIC

 John Morton ClaytonClayton 19111914 Clayton signature

Clayton JM

John Morton Clayton was born on the 17th November 1857 in Chesterfield. He was gazetted 2nd Lieutenant in the 2VB, the Sherwood Foresters on 4th April 1891, promoted to Lieutenant on 4th February 1893, Captain on 10th June 1896 and Major on 11th June 1904. For eight years he commanded ìAî Company at Chesterfield and was awarded the Territorial Decoration in 1912. He was Mayor of Chesterfield on several occasions and was also a Magistrate.He played cricket twice for Derbyshire but only had modest success. On the outbreak of the War he was living at Longlands on Ashgate Road. He died on 1st April 1938 in West Southbourne, Hampshire aged 80.

A Coates

 Edward Colles


Shortly after the Scarborough Camp in 1909, Lieut.-Colonel Edward Colles, who had been in ill-health died of his illness on 24th August aged 42. He had served with the 2 VB and 6th Battalion since 1884 and held the Volunteer Officer’s Decoration. For many years he Commanded the Whaley Bridge Company. Edward Colles was born in Hope, Derbyshire.

Lieutenant, 2nd Derbyshire Volunteers commissioned 28 May 1884

Lieutenant, 2nd Volunteer Battalion, The Sherwood Foresters, June 1887

Promoted Captain on 24 March 1888

Major in May 1900

Lieutenant-Colonel on 5 December 1900

Colles LG

colles census

In the 1891 Census he is listed as a Captain in the 2 VB The Derbyshire Regiment. At that time he was living with his uncle, Edward Hall, at Horwich House in Chapel-en-le-Frith and was a billiard table manufacturer.

His Uncle was Colonel Edward Hall, who had been the second of four Colonels to have Commanded the 2VB or 6th Battalion and was a Justice of the Peace and a dyer by trade.

By 1901 Edward had married Ela Isabella Ritchie from Hulme in Lancashire and they were living at ‘The Hordems’ along with his sister and mother-in-law.1908 Colles

Thomas Orme CollesColles MICColles address

Aubrey James CookCook AJ MICCook Aj address

Harold Coop

Cadet Harold Coop joined the 6th Battalion Notts & Derby Regiment as a 2nd Lieutenant on 19 December 1916 (London Gazette 29 December 1916). Joined the 2/7th (Robin Hood) Battalion at Templeux on 23 April 1917. Promoted to Lieutenant on 19 June 1918.

M.C. London Gazette 17 December 1917; citation: 23 April 1918. ‘For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty when in command of his company after his company commander had been wounded. He captured his objective and reorganised. When counter-attacked, with both flanks in the air, he not only held his position but was able to collect all stragglers and reform the line. This was carried out under very heavy enemy barrage.’Coop H Medals

Walter Lee Cooper

Cooper WL2

CHC CousinsCousins CHC MICCousins CHC address

Crescens Kingsley CovingtonCovington 2Covington MICcovington MCCovington

H Craven

No Medal entitlement with Notts and Derby?

 Charles Edward Victor Cree

creeCree CEVcree

William Harry Crossleycrossley

Crossley MICServed with 1/6th Battalion from 19th September 1918.Crossley Address

 Cecil CroucherCroucher_CL2Croucher OTCCroucher LG 1916

Died 26th February 1917croucger deathCroucher burial

AW Davies

 Idwal Davies

Davies Idavies I LG 1913davies i LG april 1913Davies I MICDavies I address

William Bryan Davies

(1881-1916)Davies william bryan

William Bryan Davies August 1916

Posted to 139th Trench Mortar Battery on the 1st August 1916

Officers Hospital LucheuxOfficers Hospital

Davies deathWilliam died whilst he was in the Officer Hospital at LucheuxDaives Court of EnquiryDavies Will

Davies WB granveAvesnes-le-Comte Communal Cemetery Extension

Son of Thomas William and Mary Bryan (nee Richards) Davies of Welshpool in Montgomeryshire. They had four children:-

  • William Bryan born 21st August 1881
  • Dora Mary,
  • Gilbert born 14th May 1884
  • Idwal born

Charles Henry Dakeyne DawsonDawson CHD

DawsonDawson CHD 1916

John Francis DennisDennis MICDennis address

Alfred Leopold DentDent 1916Dent MICDent address

 Basil Derbyshire

Derbyshire Basil

Basil Derbyshire was granted a Commission in 1909 and was originally posted to ‘H’ (Whaley Bridge) Company. He was promoted to Captain in May 1916 and was eventually to win the Military Cross (LG 3.6.19).

Thomas Leslie Derbyshire

Thomas Leslie Darbyshire was born on 31st January 1890. He was educated at Sedbergh and was a farmer. He enlisted in the 19th Alberta Dragoons, 1st Overseas Canadian Contingent and was commissioned into the 1/6th Sherwood Foresters on 26th February 1916. He was sent home in June 1917 suffering from shell shock and never returned to the front.

Frank Mackenzie DickDickDick MICdick addressDick FM July 1916

Lewis George DickinsonDickinson 1907Dickenson 1Dickenson 2

Lewis George Dickinson was born Sheffield on 25th October 1878 the son of Mr Frederick George Dickinson and Mrs Annie Dickinson (nee Mann). He was educated Firth College and subsequently employed in the Midland Railway’s Mineral Department at Derby.

  • Recorded in the 2nd Vol Bn Sherwood Foresters Gazette of March 1st 1901 that he enlisted on 21st January 1901 with the number 5850 and was posted to “F” Company
  • Recorded in the 2nd Vol Bn Sherwood Foresters Gazette of April 1st 1903 that he was appointed Lance Corporal on 1st March 1903 with “F” Company.
  • Recorded in the 2nd Vol Bn Sherwood Foresters Gazette of November 1st 1903 that he was awarded proficiency certificate in July 1903 with “F” Company.
  • Recorded in 2nd Vol Bn Sherwood Foresters Gazette on 1st July 1904 that he was Lance Sergeant to be Sergeant 1st June 1904 with “F” Company
  • Remained in service in 1908 when 2nd VB became 1/6th Bn and served with ‘E’ Company.
  • Achieved Kings 100 at the 1909 Bisley meeting.
  • Promoted CQMS in 1911.
  • Volunteered for foreign service on the outbreak of war and went to France in February 1915.
  • Recommended for a Commission by his Colonel for good work in the field and was gazetted 2nd Lieut. 1/6th Battalion The Sherwood Foresters in March 1915.
  • Reported missing believed killed on the 30th September 1915 at Ouderdom Canal. Later reported ‘killed in action’ and buried Spoilbank Cemetery, Zillebeke, Belgium.

[Thanks to BRONNO for the information]Dickinson LG De RuvignysDickinsonDickinson grave

Reginald Frank Dicksee


Dicksee MICDicksee BrancourtLeGrandMil1dicksee address

 Reginald Charles Francis Dolley


WO374/2015Dolley small

Reginald Dolley joined the staff of University College Nottingham as an Assistant Lecturer in History and Literature in 1910 and offered a variety of courses to both undergraduates and working people. He specialised in 17th Century history and was an authority on Judge Jeffreys. He was promoted, aged only 27, to Professor of History in 1914, a chair and promising career from which he surprisingly resigned less than a year later in order to move to London and enlist. Perhaps his wife, a native of the south east, felt that separation would be more endurable in a familiar environment.

Dolley enlisted for officer training (as a Private 8310) with the Inns of Court OTC on April 4th 1916. An apparently successful cadet, Dolley became a sergeant four months later before being discharged to a commission on January 24th 1917. He arrived in France in February 1917. Reginald Dolley of “A” Company 2/6th was killed on July 1st 1917 and is commemorated on the Arras Memorial. ‘He was last seen,’ according to University College Nottingham’s Union Magazine (VIII 241), surrounded by the enemy refusing to surrender in a German trench which his company had taken. One of his platoon speaks of him “as the finest man and the best officer I ever saw.”

Information from Nottinghamshire County Council
Dolley Jan 1916
Dolley 1916Dolley 1917Dolley missing 1917

 A DouglasDouglas MICDouglas address

 Harry Douglasdouglas hDouglas H 2

 Harry Douglas was a very fine organist and played the organ of Matlock’s Congregational Church for over fifty years. See this excellent website for his story.

W Draper

no information

 John Harold Drury

WO 339/115095

no information

Sydney Norman Deurance


no informationDewrance

 Graham Parsons Earwalker

Earwalkerearwalker 1907earwalker 1910earwalker 1911Earwalker MICearwalker address

Gerald James Edmunds

WO 374/22017edmunds 1914edmunds jan 1915Edmunds 1915Edmunds MICedmunds address

 Author of The Irish rebellion; the 2/6th Sherwood foresters’ part in the defeat of the rebels in 1916: Their early training.2:6th History

 William Chester Spencer Elphinstone

ElphingtonElphinstone 1elphinstone 2

Richard Evans (-1917)evansEvands MICEvans address

Son of the Rev. Arthur Evans and Margaret Emma Evans, of 11, Marlborough Lane, Bath. Native of Snelston, Ashbourne.

Buried in Bethune Town Cemetery, III. J. 12

5 thoughts on “A – E Officers

  1. Jane Leslie

    I will send you separately a photo of my grandfather Lt. Harry Douglas of The Rowans Matlock which you might like to include on this website. Jane Leslie, Waterford Ireland.

    1. mikebriggs1910 Post author

      Dear Jane – that would be absolutely brilliant! At this point I know very little about Harry Douglas and the other Officers of the 2/6th Battalion, but I do intend to tell their story ASAP. Best wishes and many thanks Mike

  2. Shane Harper

    Hi Mike.

    I recently purchased William North Broomhead’s medal group and have found several photos on here of him at various summer camps and in France. Also some pics of his Officers Papers. Do you mind me asking if you have all these? I would really like a copy of them if you do (sorry to sound cheeky). Also, do you know the whereabouts of the brass plate?

    I also have a photo of him from his older years from his obituary in The Derbyshire Times.

    1. mikebriggs1910 Post author

      Hello Shane
      That sounds a nice group!
      The pictures come from 3 sources:- 1) me 2) Chesterfield library 3) regimental archives
      I’m happy to send you everything that I have (+ copies of his service record).
      I’ll trade you for a picture of his medal group to put on site 🙂
      I’ll have to check through old emails to find out where plaque is –

  3. Shane Harper

    Hi Mike.

    A copy of his service records would be fantastic. I can also email you his obituary from The Derbyshire Times if it’s any use?
    I’m more than happy to send a photo of his group for the website too.
    I was curious about the bras plate as it would be great to have with the medals if the owner was willing to sell.

    Many thanks for the reply



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