On this day 2nd September 1917 – a German raid

2.9.1917 FOUQUIERES: CAPT HH JACKSON awarded Military Cross for Gallantry in connection with the raid of 13th August.Jackson HH

Humphrey Henry Jackson

London Gazette: Lieut EMB Taylor to be Captain at 18.8.17.

Brooke-Taylor EM

Edward Mallalieu Brook-Taylor

1/6th Battalion War Diary [WO/95/2694]

2/IX/17: At 4.55 am enemy put down heavy barrage of artillery and trench mortars of various calibre’s on our front and support lines and CTs of right sub sector (Map 36c NW ref A28C & G4B).A28C G4B 1917

At 5am barrage lifted off front line & four parties of enemy, totalling 170 men attempted to raid our trenches in G4b. He only succeeded in entering one or our posts, all the garrison of which had been wounded. A few of his men appeared to cross our front line between the posts, but the majority were driven back before reaching our trenches. One prisoner was captured by us, whereas the enemy failed to secure identification. Our casualties were slight.

Prisoner stated that raiding party consisted of 150 men of the “Army STOSS TRUPP” and 20 men of 22nd Pioneer Battalion. His statements appeared unreliable.

Army STOSS TRUPP = shock troops or stormtroopers
The 22nd Pioneer Battalion appear to be part of the 19th Ersatz Division

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]

Geoffrey Petrie BarlowBarlow

Died of wounds leading a wiring party

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