2 thoughts on “Harpenden August 1914 vs July 2018

  1. Paul N

    This is an interesting site. My grandfather was in the Sherwoods in France from Feb 1915 until July 1916. We think he is in one of the pictures posted from Buxton and is listed on the ships manifest going to France. My grandmothers 2 brothers were killed, the first in June 1916 MIA then the other late 1918 leaving his wife and yet unborn daughter. It seems he was wounded then died about 2 weeks after. Recently my brother who does a bit of genealogy found that my paternal grandfather brother was killed in 1916. They never spoke of it.

    My grandfather used to say if the politicians wanted to start a war they should call up the old veterans guard both sides and it would be over quickly without getting the young men in. WW1 should teach us there has to be a better way.

  2. Keith Pitchforth

    Hello, I tried to post this on the officers T-Z page without sucess, so trying here:
    I was pleased to find a reference to Edward Howard WIlks who was born in 1895 in Sheffield and grew up there. His mother was from Southwell, hence the connection with the Notts & Derby. He survived the war but died at Falmouth in 1923. Perhaps he was there for his health. He is buried in the graveyard at Fulwood, Sheffield
    As always, any further information about this officer will be very welcome.


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