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  1. John hopkinson

    Can you please tell me if you have any information how my grandad was killed on the 30 th July 1916 I think it was Albert. His name was William Hopkinson 7047(I think) . He lived at 15 Charles Street , Brampton . Chesterfield .
    Regards John Hopkinson

    1. mikebriggs1910 Post author

      Hello John. William was serving with the 11th Battalion and died in the field ambulance so likely due to enemy shelling. I’m 99% certain that there is an account in the Derbyshire Times from a few days latter. Its on microfilm in Chesterfield Library local studies section – all indexed by names. I think that I have a copt, but all my items are in storage and if may be a few days/weeks before I can access, cheers Mike

      1. John hopkinson

        Hello Mike, thank you for the information about my grandad William Hopkinson, I will of course go to our library and find out what I can but in between times if you have any further information I would be grateful if you let me know , thank you

  2. eyrejoanne

    Hello Mike,
    I’ve been following your site and using as a reference for my research for a while now and I think it’s amazing.
    I have thought to contact you many times so here I am.
    I’m passionately researching my great uncle
    Thomas Henry Eyre
    1/6th Sherwood Foresters
    He was from Pilsley ( near Edensor ) Derbyshire
    Born 1874 in Wellingborough Northamptonshire,
    Died 1931 In Pilsley ( near Edensor )
    Served throughout the war and was given a military style funeral at St.Peters EDENSOR where he rests.
    He was injured ( gunshot wound to the scalp ) I believe from dates possibly at Holholeren Redoubt
    ( unsure of spelling 😂 )
    I would dearly love to see a photo of him or any information whatsoever.
    I know from The British Newspaper Archives he was made acting Sgt Major at the unveiling of the war memorial with comrades and the Duke of Devonshire at the Pilsley School in 1926 ( I think it was ) and wondered would there be a photo of this occasion? I thought you’d be the best person to ask.
    I would dearly appreciate anything at all regarding my great uncle!!
    Kindest Regards,

    1. mikebriggs1910 Post author

      Hi Jo
      Glad that you like the site – I’ve neglected it recently, but this lock down has fuelled my enthusiasm again – between work that is 😉
      This is what I know.
      Enlisted 1.9.1914
      Arrived F & F 28.2.15
      Served with “C” Company and was wounded on 13/14.10.15 at Hohenzollern
      Sergeant Bagshaw records that he was also wounded 19.5.15 at Kemmel
      Disc 17.7.16; SWB (wounds)

      Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of him. Its very possible that there may be one in the newspaper archive in Chesterfield library – from either during the War (his wounding) or at the Ceremony. The local studies section at Chesterfield Library has an index of the men who are mentioned in local papers. The other option would be to contact the Regimental Archivist – I think that they will search their archives for a small fee.

  3. eyrejoanne

    Mike I can’t thank you enough for that info,
    I was unaware of his injury at Kemmel,
    I live in Australia so unsure how much info I can obtain via Chesterfield library but will definitely be onto it.
    If you find any further information I’d be immensely grateful to you. I’m so excited at any little new thing discovered, sounds silly perhaps but I feel a real connection with him like he’s calling out to me to learn about him ❤️
    Thankyou so much 😊

  4. ogatland

    Hi Mike,
    Do you know the names of the men in the group photo on the steps? I have a feeling that the man in the middle right at the back (with no hat on) may be my relative, Samuel Pendleton?

    Any info you have on him would be amazing!!

    All my best,

  5. mikebriggs1910 Post author

    Hi Oli
    Unfortunately I don’t know their names. Its the 2/6th Battalion at Buxton Nov 14 – Feb 15. The only Samuel Pendleton who I can find was k/a 28th March 1918 and served with the 1/8th and 2/6th Battalions – is that your relative?

    1. ogatland

      Sorry Mike I’ve only just seen your reply!

      Yes I think that’s him! There will probably be quite a few Pendleton’s from the Nottingham area in fact. Thanks for your help!



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