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On this day 1st March 1918

1.3.18 LAIRES: Lieut GS RIVINGTON to I Corps Gas School

1/6th Battalion War Diary [WO/95/2694]

1-4 March: Training carried out under Battn arrangements. Training chiefly devoted to musketry, artillery formations, close and extended order drill, bomb throwing P.T. and B.F.

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]

On this day 14th December 1917

No record in the 1/6th Battalion War Diary [WO/95/2694]

14/XII/1917: Normal TM activity. Our snipers claim to have made 5 hits during the day.

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]

Trench raid by Lieutenant Gordon Sangster Rivingtonrivingtob-raid-dec-1917

On this day 22nd September 1916

22.9.1916 London Gazette: 6th Battalion Sherwood Foresters Lieut (Temp Capt) FM Dick to be CAPTAIN.

7th (Robin Hood) Battalion Sherwood Foresters. 2/Lts (Temp Lieuts)

  • GS Rivington (from 6th Battn Sherwood Foresters) to be 2/Lt 10.7.1916.
  • TL Darbyshire (from 6th Battn Sherwood Foresters) to be 2/Lt 10.7.1916.
  • 2/Lt GS Rivington to be Temp Lieut 10.7.1916.
  • 2/Lt TL Darbyshire to be Temp Lieut 10.7.1916.

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

22nd: Enemy trench mortar continued to fire on our front line near top of LA MOTTE 1. A few rounds were also fired into the right sector.

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]

On this day 10th July 1916

10.7.1916 BAILLEUMONT: Lieuts TL DARBYSHIRE and GS RIVINGTON attd to 7th Battn Sherwood Foresters.

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

July 10: Last lot of trenches a wash-out. Went to see another lot. The finest trenches I have seen. Everything including wires nearly perfect. Life nearly as safe as in peace time. Huns below us & friendly. No gas cylinders or other about. How long shall we allow it to remain like this.

[Lieutenant Josiah Taylor]

10th: New GOC Division inspected 5th & 7th Battalions, Machine Gun Company and Trench Mortar Battery at SAULTY.

Relief of 166th Infanty Brigade commenced in accordance with Operation Order 69.

5th Sherwoods moved to BELLACOURT and took over duties of Battalion in Brigade Reserve from 5th Kings Own Royal Lancs. The relief was completed by 8.50 pm.

The 8th Sherwoods moved from BIENVILLERS to billets in BELLACOURT.

The Machine Gun Company and Trench Mortar Battery moved from SAULTY to BILLETS in BELLACOURT.

2183 Pte William Leopard Barker died of wounds sustained on the 1st July 1916.

2183 BarkerWilliam was a Nursary Man from Two Dales and a Pre-War Territorial who had served with the Matlock Company. He suffered GSW in the head and died of his wounds at 1.50pm at No. 1 General Hospital at ETRETAT.

On this day 13th May 1916

13.5.1916 HUMBERCAMPS: Capt R Saxby took over Command and payment of Lr “C” Company.Saxby

 Captain Reginald Saxby

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

May 13th: 8am arrived railhead. Found limber & mens cart & proceeded 14 miles to Battn. Country much better than previously. Battn resting in a village HUMBERCAMPS. Comfortable billets – very pleasant to be back. War seems very quite here – there is no firing have heard a gun yet & have seen only 1 aeroplane. There are no shelled buildings, shell holes or dead & our chief work seems to be digging fatigues at nigh

[Lieutenant Josiah Taylor]

Same working parties required from Battn and in addition a party of 90 other ranks (25 from 7th Battn S.F. & 65 from Bde M.G. Coy) to bury cable for 137 Inf. Bde.

9 Officers arrived:-

  • 2/Lt J.W. POTTER (5th Battn)
  • 2/Lt D. CALLOW (5th Battn)
  • Capt R Saxby (6th Battn)
  • Lt J Taylor (6th Battn)
  • Lt G.S. RIVINGTON (6th Battn)
  • Lt A.H. GOODALL (6th Battn)
  • Capt R.H. PIGGFORD (8th Battn)
  • 2/Lt H, de MARTELLI (8th Battn)

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]


On this day 7th August 1915

7.8.1915 Sanctuary Wood: Constructed new Battalion Headquarters in field in rear of A12.

Aug 6th: In trenches on “C” Co headquarters guard. At night 1 hr on & 2 off, in daytime 2 hrs on & 4 off & no fatigues. Violent artillery duel just before daybreak & desultory shelling all day. Dull day & showers at intervals.

Aug 7th: In trenches. Same as yesterday. 6 wounded in B Co (inc Lieut Rivington) by whiz bangs, but not seriously. Attd 5th Army Corps.

[3289 Pte. G.W. Beardsley; 11 Platoon “C” Company]

The sick and wounded included:-

1313 Pte Albert Coleman 6.8.15 Synovitis of right knee and admitted to 1st NMFA. Re-joined Battalion on 14.8.15.
1631 Sgt Maurice Limb 6.8.15 Neuralgia and admitted to 18 FA. Returned to Battalion on 12.8.15.
1146 Pte John Wood 6.8.16 Wounded in the field.
1443 Pte Tom Allcock 6.8.15 GSW in right hand and shoulder and admitted to 10 CCS and 16 General Hospital. Transferred to England on 11.8.15. Returned to France on 20.5.16 with the 10th Reinforcement.
1522 Pte Benjamin Stubbins 6.8.15 Shell wound in left arm and admitted to 18 FA, 28 CCS and 16 General Hospital. Transferred to 46 NMD Base depot on 12.8.15 and re-joined Battalion on 16.8.15.
1550 Pte William Hulse 6.8.15 Shrapnel wound in left hand and transferred to England on 20.8.15. Discharged on 17.8.16 (para 392 XVI KR).
1551 Pte Herbert Lomas 6.8.15 Shell wound and returned to Battalion*.
2675 Pte Morgan Walters 6.8.15 Myalgia and chronic nephritis rheumatism and admitted to 4 General Hospital. Transferred to England on 20.9.15 and discharged on 12.4.16 (para 392 XVI KR).
1730 Pte John Boam 6.8.15 Returned to England and discharged due to wounds on 17.7.16 (para 392 XVI KR).
1734 Pte Thomas Owen 6.8.15 Shell wound in the scalp and admitted to 18 FA, 10 CCS and 16 General Hospital. Transferred to England on 10.8.15. Returned to France on the 10.11.15 with the V Reinforcement.
1811 Pte Percy Guy 6.8.15 GSW in right leg and forearm and admitted to 10 CCS and 16 General Hospital. Died of wounds at 9 pm on 8.8.15.
Lt Gordon Rivington 7.8.15 Wounded by shellfire.
1462 Pte James Ford 7.8.15 Shell wound in left side and admitted to 10 CCS, 10 General Hospital and 46 NMD Convalescent Depot. Re-joined Battalion on 3.11.15.
2989 Pte Edwin Large 7.8.15 Wounded in the field.
1652 Pte John Crowder 7.8.15 Pleurisy and admitted to 1st NMFA and 50 CCS. Died of pleurisy on 8.8.15 and buried in Soldiers Cemetery at Hazebrouck.

On this day 30th March 1915

30.3.15 (NERF BERQUIN). Band at OUTTERSTEENE to play for Bp of LONDON’s Service. The following Officers were gazetted and the joined the Battalion during March as 2nd Lieutenants.

Gazette 3rd March:-

  • Pte 2341 G. S. Rivington (Gordon Sangster Rivington).
  • Pte A. H. Goodhall (Alec Harrison Goodhall).
  • Pte T. L. Darbyshire from 18th Alberta Dragoons (Thomas Leslie Darbyshire).

LG 3 March 1915LG Feb 1915

Interestingly, Charles EV Cree and Richard Evans are not mentioned in the War Dairy even though their Commissions are recorded in the London Gazette. Its most likely that they were initially posted to the 2/6th Battalion. Both Cree and Evans arrived in France in July 1915.

Gazette 12th March:-

  • Coy Quartermaster Sergt. L. G. DICKENSON dated 13 March (Lewis George Dickinson).
  • Surgeon Capt. A. W. Shea promoted Surgeon Major from 5 August 1914 (Arthur Wilson Shea).LG March 1915


War Diary [WO/95/2694].


30th March 1915. Battalion on route march. Lectures on ambulance and sanitation. In the afternoon did our washing.

[2381 Pte. George Potter Bagshaw]

Mar 30th. Practicing assaulting trenches. Grand day again.

[3289 Pte George William Beardsley]