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On this day 3rd June 1917

3.6.1917 LIEVIN SECTOR: 2/Lt LN JOHNSON MC killed in action whilst on working party (M.30.C.9.5).M.30.C.9.5.

1/6th Battalion War Diary [WO/95/2694]

2nd Lieut. LN Johnson’s death occurred on the 3rd June while in charge of a working party in the Bois de Raiumont, when an advanced trench was being dug for the assembly position of the 138th Infantry Brigade, who attacked from there a few days later.

Johnson was one of the Battalion’s most popular officers……and his grave is in the little cemetery between Fosse 10 and Sains-en-Gohelle, where rest the bodies of a good many of the Battalion’s Rank and file.

1/6th Battalion Regimantal History


Casualties from the 3rd June 19171868:242606 Offord

Alban Offord from Retford died aged 21

  • 1658/240201 Sergt William Booth aged 26. 
  • 4398/241494 Pte Harry Cooper aged 47.
  • 5122/241864 Pte Harry Fuller aged 24.
  • 7751/242541 Pte William Howitt-Walker.
  • 2540/242605 Pte Walter Moxon aged 28.
  • 1868/242606 Pte Alban Offord aged 21.
  • Lieut Leslie Nethercote Johnson aged 29.

The men were buried in either Fosse No.10 Communal Cemetery Extension in Sains-en-Gohelle, which was the site of the North Midland Field Ambulance, or in Noeux-Les-Mines Communal Cemetery by the 7th Casualty Clearing Station.

Fosse No.10 Communal Cemetery Extension

Fosse 10 cemetery242606 OffordFosse 43-47

Noeux-Les-Mines Communal CemeteryNoeux-Les-Mines Communal Cemetery

Other men wounded on this day

  • 3665/241163 Pte ARTHUR BUXTON
  • 2204/240467 Pte FRED HURLER
  • 2563/240639 Pte ERNEST MATTHEWS
  • 2277/240501 Pte FRANK DRABBLE
  • 2867/240771 Pte ALBERT BAGSHAW
  • 2609/240660 Pte ARTHUR COLLIER
  • 3890/241264 Pte WALTER BLAIR
  • 4215/241401 Pte WILLIAM SIMMONS
  • 4190/241390 Pte JOHN HENRY CRYAN
  • 4399/241495 Pte JAMES BLAKEMORE
  • 3400/241053 Pte HERBERT STEEPLES
  • 3302/242408 Pte ERNEST BRAZIER
  • 7731/242521 Pte ARTHUR AUGUSTUS DEACON
  • 7721/242511 Pte ARCHIBOLD BRANSON
  • 4559/241568 Pte PERCY HARMER
  • 5183/241874 Pte HERBERT TAYLOR
  • 5809/242627 Pte RICHARD WEBB
  • 2493/240602 Pte FRED MOORCROFT
  • 4075/241346 Pte JIM RAMSKILL

On this day 2nd December 1915

No record in the War Diary [WO/95/2694]

2160 Pte William Hallows a general labourer from Middleton near Wirksworth and a pre-War Territorial who served with “E” Company was admitted to the 1st North Midland Field Ambulance with cerebral concussion. After treatment at the 7th Casualty Clearing Station and 26th General Hospital in Etaples he was posted to the 46th North Midland Division Base Depot in Rouen. He rejoined the 1/6th Battalion in Marseilles in January 1916.2160 William Hallows2160 Hallows

On this day 13th November 1915

13.11.1915 La Coutre: Battalion relieved by 5th LEICESTERS and moved into billets as follows:- A, B & D Companies & details in LA COUTRE; C Company in the line.

Casualties:- O.R. Killed 1 (Reginald Drayott) Wounded 1 (William Hayes).

War Diary [WO/95/2694]

 2160 Pte. William Hallows

William Hallows, a general labourer from Middleton, suffered a septic right ankle and was admitted to the North Midland Field Ambulance. He rejoined the 1/6th Battalion 4 days later. Engine HousePrior to enlisting in March 1914 WIlliam worked for Swan and Racliffes and lived at the Engine House in Middleton by Wirksworth. William arrived in France with the II Reinforcement in June 1915.

2160 William Hallows2160 Hallows

1342 Pte. John Andrews

John Andrews, a labourer previously in the employment of Cox Wilson & Sons in Ashford, suffered from tonsillitis. 1343 andrews 2Brooke-Taylor HCJohn enlisted on the 23rd of February 1911 aged 21 and served with “D” Bakewell Company. His Attestation form was signed by Herbert Clifford Brooke-Taylor.1342 andrews 3

John attended all the Annual Camps of the 6th Battalion including Scarborough (1911), Abermaide (1912) and Clumber Park (1913).1342 Andrews

John arrived in France on the 26th February with the 1/6th Battalion of the 46th Division. He suffered tonsillitis on the 13th November 1915 and was admitted to the 7th Casualty Clearing Station, before being transferred to the 1st General Hospital. He was discharged on the 28th November and posted to the North Midland Division (NMD) Depot in Rouen. On the 5th December he was classified as “PB” (Permanent Base) by a medical board and transferred to England on the 9th December [PB is Permanent Base ie not fit for active duty].1432 Andrews discharge

John was discharged on the 3rd March 1916 due to ‘The termination of his period of engagement’ under Kings Regulations Para 392 (XXI).