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242256 Pte JW Gill on an undated casualty list from No. 1 Record Office in Lichfield……

‘Sick and wounded NCOs and Men of the…….’

16665 Pte George Kendall from Mansfield

16665 Pte George Kendall from Mansfield enlisted in Sept 1914 and arrived in France with the 12th Battalion on the 28th August 1915. He later joined the MGC and was Class Z in January 1919.

George was later to receive a pension

67045 Lance Corporal Ralph Morley

67045 L/C Ralph Morley enlisted on 10th Sept 1914 and only served overseas with the 11th Battn. He was discharged in April 1918 suffering from neurasthenia sickness; he would later receive a pension and a Silver War Badge.


71806 Pte Kenneth Tomlinson from Sheffield

71806 Pte Kenneth Hayter Tomlinson from Sheffield served with ‘C’ Company 11th Battalion and suffered from eczema to the face and placed on the 31 Ambulance train from Remy to Boulogne on the 18th July 1917. He later served with the 1st Battalion.

Medal Role
31 Ambulance Train 18th July 1917

85252 Pte Enoch Buckley from Oldham

85252 Pte Enoch Buckley from Oldham served overseas with the 15th Battalion from 27th July 1917 to 28th October 1917. He later transferred to the Royal Defence Corps.

Medal Role
Enoch would later receive a pension

331273 Pte Ernest Broadhead from Nottingham

331273 Pte Ernest Broadhead served with a number of Battalions including the 2/7th, 1/7th, 21st & 15th, 2nd and 5th Res. Ernest originally attested into the Robin Hoods (2/7th Battalion) in September 1914.

Casualty Form – Active Service

Ernest’s first regimental number was 2662 when he enlisted into the 2/7th Battalion. Ernest embarked from Southampton on the 28th June 1915 and disembarked the following day in Rouen. He was posted to the 1/7th Battalion on the 8th September 1916 and was wounded on the 5th October 1915.

At the time of his wounding the Robin Hoods were working on captures German trenches

Ernest returned the Robin Hoods on the 7th December 1915 after recovering in Hospital and spending 6 weeks with the 46 NM Base Depot. Ernest was wounded a second time on the 26th June 1916 and transferred to England on the HS Lanfranc. On the 28th June he was posted to the Command Depot at Ballyvonare.

Robin Hood War Diary for 26th June 1916
Hospital Ship Lanfranc
Casualty Form – Active Service

After recovering from his wounds Ernest was posted to the 21st Battalion in January 1917 and the to the 2/7th Battalion in September 1917. He arrived back in France on the 19th September 1917 and was posted to the 14th Infantry Base Depot at Calais. He was transferred to the 15th Battalion and joined them ‘in the field’ on the 23rd September. Ernest was wounded in action for a third time on the 22nd October 1917, whilst the Battalion were attacking German positions near Houthulst Forest. He was transferred to hospital in England on the HS Stan Antwerpen.

15th Battalion War Diary for 22nd October 1917
HS Stan Antwerpen

After recovering from his third wounding Ernest once again found himself going to France on the 19th March 1918. He was initially posted to the 8th Battalion at K Infantry Base Depot for record purposes, before being transferred to the 2nd Battalion on the 23rd March 1918. He was wounded in action for the fourth time on the 14th April 1918 and again returned to England on the HS Stan Antwerpen.

Casualty Form – Active Service
2nd Battalion War Diary 14th-15th April 1918
Ernest was eventually discharged in March 1919 and awarded a well deserved pension

242256 Private William Jack Gill

242256 Pte William Jack Gill arrived in France in Feb 1917 and served overseas with the 2/6th and 2nd Battns. Possibly enlisted in April 1916, but No other information is currently available.

Medal Roll

14736 Pte James Walters

14736 Pte James Walters arrived in France with the 10th Battalion on 14th July 1915 and later served with the 11th and 15th Battalions and the South Lancashire Regiment. He was discharged in January 1919.

Medal Roll

And the date……..

In summary Enoch Buckley and Ernest Broadhead’s service records would suggest that this casualty list was drawn up towards the end of October 1917.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to determine any more provenance.