On these days 3rd to 14th December 1917

The 2/6th Battalion, the Sherwood Foresters


4.25am: Battalion relieved by 2/6th Warwicks. Moved to VILLERS PLUICH.

10.0 am: Moved to MOLE TRENCH in L31.a.10.3 near RIBECOURT.

4.12.17 10.30 pm: Moved to trenches in Q4 at TRESCAULT.

TRESCAULT 5.12.17 to 8.12.17: Battalion in Reserve at Q4.

Men killed at this time were:-

242321 Pte Ernest Summers aged 20 and the Son of Stephen and Margaret Susannah Summers, of 13, Ward St., New Tupton, Chesterfield. Ernest was attached to the 178th Trench Mortar Battery. Three men from the 178 TMB were killed that day when they were constructing mortar positions at K17d.90.50.

242026 Pte Harry West, Husband of A. B. B. West, of 87, Wick Rd., Homerton, London. Harry was only of the ‘Londoners” who were posted to the 2/6th Battalion in September 1916.

They were originally buried in Flesquieres Chateau Cemetery at 24a.8.6., but their bodies were exhumed in 1930 and moved to Orival Wood British Cemetery.

9.12.17 6pm: Battalion moved up to FLESQUIERES.

10.12.17 1.30am: Relieved 2/5th Lincolns in front line K18.a&b

11.12.17 to 13.12.17: Battalion occupied front line in K18.a&b.

14.12.17 2am: Battalion relieved by 2/5 South Staffs.

During this trench duty the following men were killed:

242230 Pte Maurice Victor Cousins aged 19 and the son of Luke and Maria Cousins, of Coton, Cambridgeshire. Formerly of the Cambridgeshire Regiment, but only served overseas with the 2/6th Battalion.

240931 Pte Thomas Wherret who enlisted in October 1914 and was a shop lad from Matlock. He was a sniper and died at the 21st CCS. He was sniping when he was hit by a fragment of shell. 

26963 Pte Walter Knowles aged 19 and the son of John and Mary Knowles, of River Hill Side, Matlock.

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