1719/265172 Pte Fred Pilgrim from Nottingham

A Pre-War Territorial who enlisted in February 1913. Arrived in France with the 46th Division in February 1915. Transferred to the 1/6th Battalion – probably in January 1917. Disembodied in March 1919.

Fred’s WW1 Medal entitlement including his Masonic Medal

Medal Index Card summarising his War experience

Fred was admitted with influenza to No2 General Hospital at Havre on the 25th June 1916 (?) suggesting that he missed the debacle that was the ‘1st day of the Somme’.

Medal Roll

Fred was still serving with the 1/7th Battalion at the time of the Territorial Force renumbering and was issued with the Regimental number 265172, which was with the block assigned to the 7th Battalion Sherwood Foresters (265001-305000).

It is highly likely that Fred was to the 1/6th Battalion when the 1/7th Battalion was disbanded in January 1917.

3 thoughts on “1719/265172 Pte Fred Pilgrim from Nottingham

  1. Paul N

    My grandad went to France at the same time. He came back in July 1916 just before the Somme as well. He was from Buxton, John Hackney.

    1. mikebriggs1910 Post author

      Morning Paul
      Was he this John Hackney ?
      2425; Enlisted 6.10.14; Arrived in France on 28.2.15; Returned to England 11.7.1916; Disc 2.4.17 (sickness); SWB; A Watchmaker from Buxton
      cheers Mike

  2. pissedoffjohn

    Hi Mike , have you any information about my grandad William Hopkinson , sergeant 7407 , 11 Battalion Sherwood Foresters, I know he went to France in. August 1915 and died in Albert 1916 , if you have any more information o would be most grateful


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