“It is artic up here………”

Posted from Scarborough Camp in 1909 by Will who was in “D” Company, the Robin Hood Rifles.

“Duke”; Mascot of the 1/6th Battalion taken in 1909

Mon July 26/09



“Hope you had a good day to day. I would sooner have been at home. It is artic up here. No catch at all. Will”

The post card was posted to:-

F R Gibbs Esq, Castledene, Alexandra Park, Nottingham

Frederick Richard Gibbs was a well know Nottingham clock and watch maker – see here. By 1911 the Gibbs Family had moved to ‘Castledene’. He and his wife a son called Frederick William, who was born in 1909, so he is not the ‘Will’ that sent the postcard.

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