Men of the 2/6th Battalion wounded during the attack on Hargricourt and Cologne Farm on 27th April 1917

Trench Map showing Hargricourt and Cologne Farm
War Diary entry for 59th Division

In total the 2/6th Battalion casualties were :-

Killed: Capt JH Marsden, 2/Lt K Healing, 2/Lt MS Weston, Capt WBM Jackson (d/w), 2/Lt CR Woodward (d/w).

Wounded: Capt HD Orr, Lt G Glossop, 2/Lt SA Rogers, 2/Lt AP Lockwood, Capt WEV Tomkins, 2/Lt GH Tuft.

Killed 18 OR; 43 OR wounded; 12 OR missing.

Whilst it is relatively easily to identify those Officers and Men that were killed in action, or subsequently died of their wounds, it is less straight forward to identify the men that were wounded or made prisoner of war. As is happens 17 men were killed in action and now have no known grave, which most likely accounts for these missing men.

But what about the wounded men? By chance I was searching for details of 240892 Pte Thomas Frederick Tomlinson when I discovered a record for his admittance to the 34th Casualty Clearing Station on the 28th April 1917.

Thomas Frederick Tomlinson. Picture kindly sent by Derek Jones
Admission and Discharge Book for the 34th CCS between 23rd March and 11th May 1917

An in-depth analysis of this record identified the names of a further 16 men of the 2/6th Battalion who had been admitted to the 34th CCS on the same day – these are some of the 43 wounded ‘other ranks’ recorded in the War Diary of the 59th Division.

241781CplHerbert OswaldPikeC CoyGSW thighTo Sick Convoy
240892PteThomas FredericKTomlinsonD CoyGSW chestDied 17/5/1917
242243PteHenryDavisC CoyBomb wound thighTo Sick Convoy
242215PteArthur William RalphChambersA CoyGSW handTo Sick Convoy
241989PteClaudeBaldockA CoyShell wound armTo Sick Convoy
240841CplWilliamLomasC CoyGSW shoulderTo Sick Convoy
240454PteJohn WilliamBroughA CoyGSW legTo Sick Convoy
241780PteWilliamFroggattC CoyShrap legTo Sick Convoy
241786PteMatthewBlackwallC CoyGSW armTo Sick Convoy
241883PteAlfred JohnWoodcockC CoyShrap buttockTo Sick Convoy
242269PteHenry ColeyGeeC CoyShell wd armTo Sick Convoy
241379L/CplJohn SamuelHolmesD CoyGSW headTo Sick Convoy
242121PteSidneyRoweC CoyW fr Femur and flesh wound – amputatedTo Sick Convoy
241709PtePercyUnwinB CoyShrap both legsTo Sick Convoy
242076PteHenry AlbertRyanB CoyShrap leg (L)To Sick Convoy
242005PteFrederickFryA CoyShell wound headDied 30/4/1917
240763PteEli StamfordBothamA CoyGSW buttockTo Sick Convoy

4 thoughts on “Men of the 2/6th Battalion wounded during the attack on Hargricourt and Cologne Farm on 27th April 1917

  1. aboyle674

    This action on 27th April 1917 is the action in which CSM Samuel Henry Lomas went missing and was later declared presumed dead. He has no known grave.
    Ironically, in civilian life he was an Inspector of Quarries


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