The Band of the 1/6th Battalion ‘somewhere in France’

Several months ago I purchased a Carte Postale of the 1/6th Battalion Band – presumably in France. The 1/6th Battalion is confirmed by the presence in the picture of Bandmaster William Mcfarlane from Sheffield.

Band of the 1/6th Battalion
1767/240255 a/CQMS William John Mcfarlane

Earlier this week I was contacted by Chris Preston who also has a postcard of the ‘6th Sherwood Foresters in France’. He was kind enough to let me post it on this web site. As you will see below William Mcfarlane is again present, as are many of the bandsmen. Unfortunately the names of the other men are currently not known.

6th Sherwood Foresters in France

Although the photographs were taken at different locations at different time – I get the impression they were not too far apart……..

William survived the War and continued to be Bandmaster into the 1920s.

6th Battalion Band post War

5 thoughts on “The Band of the 1/6th Battalion ‘somewhere in France’

  1. Jim Pratt

    Dear Sir,
    Besides Bandmaster Mcfarlane, I can also recognise the Band as the 6th Battn. Sherwood Foresters by the presence of my Grandfather, 2032 L/Cpl. / Cpl. Mark Henry Lee, who played the Euphonium. He is pictured Bottom Right in the first picture, Top Left in the second and does not appear in the third photograph. I have a photo of Grandpa, and have all the names of the Bandsmen in 1915, however, I cannot put names to faces!
    Hope this is of use to you,

    Jim Pratt

    1. mikebriggs1910 Post author

      Hello Jim, many thanks for the identification of your grandfather. Would love to know the names of the bandsmen from 1915 and is your grandpa in uniform in the picture that you have? thanks Mike

  2. Jim Pratt

    Hi Mike, Here is a list of the men of the 6th Battn. Band, as written in the back of my Grandpa’s 1915 Diary: Grandpa’s list only had initials after the surname, but after a bit of research, I have managed to fill most of the names (in brackets).
    No Rank Name Co

    1767 Bandmaster McFarlane W(illiam John) A
    2063 Sergeant Burke C(harles) A
    2032 Lance Corporal Lee M(ark) H(enry) A
    1126 Lance Corporal Lee L(eonard) N(uttall) A
    422 Lance Corporal Spencer J(ohn B.) A
    2209 Lance Corporal Lee F(rank) D
    1165(1651) Private Marper G(eorge) A
    1194 Private Moore B(urton) A
    2016 Private Taylor W.L. A
    2019 Private Holehouse A(rthur) A
    533 Private Horseman R(owland Henry) B
    1848 Private Shelton J(oseph) I(ssacs) B
    1634 Private Taylor S(ydney) B
    2337 Private Knowles C(harles) A
    1188 Private Wright J(ohn)
    1772 Private Fountain W(illiam Henry) C
    2033 Private Fox S(amuel) C
    2075 Private Hopkinson H. C
    2219 Private Parsons B(enjamin) C
    2282 Private Farnshaw (Fanshaw) J(ohn William) C
    2185 Private Battison G(eorge) D
    108 Private Butterworth S(amuel) D
    703 Private Edge J(oseph) D
    700 Private Hatton H(arry) D
    2214 Private Tomlinson J(ames) D
    685 Private Green J(oseph) B
    776 Private Ashover J(Harold John) (Cook) C
    2220 Private Beet J(ohn Victor) C
    1723 Private Booker J(ohn William) A

  3. Jim Pratt

    Hi Mike,
    Further to my last post, unfortunately, when I pressed the ‘Post Comment’ cell at the bottom, all the spacing in my list disappeared, however, to understand the list, each line starts with the Regimental Number, followed by the bandsman’s rank, then his name and finally his Company. Hope this helps.
    I’m afraid I have been unable to copy his photograph into the text box.


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