Iron harvest near Authuille Wood

Found in no-mans-land where the 11th Sherwood Foresters attacked on the morning of 1st July 1916.

The attack failed and they suffered 518 casualties, amongst whom was Sergt John Connaughton from Chesterfield.

Officers taken in 1915

2 thoughts on “Iron harvest near Authuille Wood

  1. Don Ross

    Thank you for posting this.
    The grenade looks as though the pin was never pulled.
    Love the officers picture, would you happen to know if George Henry Waterhouse would be one of the officers in that picture?
    Loving your posts, thanks again


  2. Paul Nicholson

    My grandad, John Hackney was with the regiment. He came home on the 6th of July injured having been in France from Feb 1915. He was from Buxton. He always said that a couple of weeks in the trenches would sort out the youth of today but he also said that if the politicians wanted to have a war they should call up the old veterans first and it would be soon over with. I thought he meant that war wasn’t worth wasting young lives on or that the old men would refuse or be unable to fight, I never asked him for clarification. I know he went back to France to tour the battlefields at least once.


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