3 thoughts on “During October 1918

  1. misteroe

    Hi Mike – any idea when you will be able to catch up with the October 1918 records?
    The reason I ask is that I had a great uncle, Ernest William Ashton, private, 2/5th btn, who died of wounds on the 18/10/18 and is buried at Fresnoy-le-Grand cemetery. I went to his grave in 2014 and left a photo of him etc. and as far as I know I was the first person from his descendants to go and find him since his death in 1918. I was hoping to find out more about what was happening with the 2/5th btn at the time of his death and also perhaps a little more about Ernest’s military service. If you could give me any tips about where to find information about his military service I would be most appreciative.
    Hope you don’t mind me asking. Regards, Andy Roe

    1. mikebriggs1910 Post author

      Hi Andy
      I’ve forgotten about October – I was a bit busy at work that month – but you’re right I must finish it.
      In the meantime I will email you Ernest’s service record – I’ve just had a look and about 10 pages are available on ancestry (I have a long-term subscription) – and the relevant pages of the 1/5th War Diary and 139 Brigade Diary. It’ll be later on tonight when I get home

  2. misteroe

    Sorry – he [Ernest] was serving with the 1/5th bn and his service number was 118454, not 2/5th as I originally posted!


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