On this day 25th September 1918: fairly quite….

203482 Sergt Christopher Loomes DCM a farm labourer from Old Whittington. Old Contemptible who served with the 2nd Battalion and was then transferred to the 1/5th in 1916. Wounded on the 24th and died the following day. See here

7649/242445 Pte Sydney Ball.  Burton Observer dated 5.10.1918 records that he was hit by a piece of shell in the abdomen and died at 4.40am on the 23rd September. After visiting his brother who had been wounded and was in the Leicester Infirmary he at once enlisted although under Military age

117154 Pte John William Richardson. From Stanton.

96069 Cpl Albert Eugene Lambert from Mansfield.

4365/306418 Pte William Rogers

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