On these days 27th-31st July 1918: Quite days….

27.7.18: Quite day. Three patrols were out during the night. One encountered the enemy.

28.7.18: Quite day. Some enemy movement was observed in X11a, X15b, X9d, X16b and X16d.

29.7.18: Quite day. Enemy shelled tracks and roads throughout the night with 10.5cm HE and a small percentage of Blue Cross Gas shells.

30.7.18: Quite day. Enemy fired M. TMs on MESPLAUX and LES FACONS during the day.

31.7.18: One man missing from X.8.c.80.20. Thought to have been lost in the early morning.

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]


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