On this day 21st May 1918 – an enemy patrol

21/5/18: An enemy patrol about 30 strong attempted to rush our post at X.16.c.65.75 at 3.40am. They were driven off, abandoning a rifle and a large number of bombs.

“The enemy would occasionally open short concentrated bombardments of the line. In this common or garden everyday kind of warfare the Battalion was unfortunate enough to lose 2/Lieuts. Badcock and Clarkson, Corporal Warren, White and Rycroft who were all killed. Clarkson had not been with the Battalion long, but he had been sufficiently long enough for us to realise that we had lost a good and courageous officer.

Several of the long service N.C.O’s and men were wounded. Sgt. Mapletoft was a great loss to No. 4 Platoon, and to the Battalion, whilst Dumelow, Haywood, Rodgers and Mountain were men one could ill afford to lose.

Jack Bates “A” Coy’s ever cheery and smiling runner managed to be wounded no less than five times in as many weeks. It wasn’t c coincidence with him: it was a habit!

Four officers, Tompkinson, Tyrell, Blood and Captain Potter were wounded, but with the exception of Blood all managed to come back to the Battalion before the big attack in September.”

266180 Cpl Harold Rycroft aged 21 and from Nottingham

Image Courtesy of Stephen Sharp

4354/241473 Pte Matthew Boden aged 42 and from Matlock Bath

Enlisted in July 1915 and arrived in France in 1916. Previously wounded on 23.4.17 during the attack on Fosse 3 at Lievin. Son of George and Elizabeth Boden, of Matlock Bath, Derbyshire.

2210/240472 Pte Harry Dumelow a miner from Hasland

97919 Pte Joseph William Neale died of wounds aged 19

Son of Ellen and the late William Henry Neale. Native of Doncaster. Arrived in France with the 43rd Reinforcement in January 1918 and initially posted to the 1/6th Battalion at K IBD. Later transferred to the 1/5th Battalion.

267049 Pte Walter Henry Smith from Mansfield was killed in action

Previously served with 2/7th Battalion.

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