On this day 3rd May 1918

3/5/18 GORRE SECTION: Hostile artillery fairly active during the afternoon. No trench mortaring except for a few Priester Bombs fired on vicinity of our front line. Seven patrols were out during the night.

Priesterwerfer was called the ‘kleine Granatenwerfer 1916’

203240 Pte Norman Boycott Hinckesman aged 34 and Son of Sarah Hinckesman of Vine Cottage Shucknall in Herefordshire and the late Charles Robert Hinckesman.

1708/305226 Pte Albert Edward Cliff aged 23 and Son of David and Fanny Cliff of 14 Newton St., Mansfield in Nottinghamshire. Killed on the morning that his time expired after serving 3 years and 3 months in the trenches. Previously served with the 1/8th Battalion.

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