On this day 29th March 1918 – a raid on 1/5th Battalion positions

At 10-40pm the enemy commenced a slow trench mortar and Prieste Bomb bombardment along our front line and support line, from NABOB ALLEY to about line of Railway running through the centre of SATURDAY POST.

About 11-15pm this bombardment concentrated on to the front and support lines between N.8.b.40.15 to COSY TRENCH.

At 11-25pm as this bombardment appeared to be intensifying, the Right Company fired the S.O.S. Rocket and sent the message by wire to Battalion Headquarters. Our Artillery barrage came down promptly. Shortly afterwards out post N.8.b.57.58. saw 14 Germans advancing near out wire. Rifle and Lewis Gun fire were opened and the enemy disappeared towards his own line. It is believed that they suffered casualties, but no trace of these could be found later by our patrols.

Our Postbin COMMOTION SAP was also attacked and one of our men was killed by a bomb. The post, however, succeeded in driving the enemy away away by rifle fire and bombs at close quarters.

Unfortunately the enemy T.M. Barrage was exceedingly accurate, and the garrisons of two of our posts were buried; several men killed and wounded and out trench considerably damaged. Owing to these circumstances there were not sufficient men immediately available to follow the enemy as he withdrew.

Our men showed a fine spirit and thanks to their steadiness the enemy failed to enter our trenches or obtain identification.

Our Artillery barrage appeared to have the effect of breaking up the raiders, as the two parties which reached our wire appeared to be quite disorganised and were probably part of a large party.

This is the fourth time in 20 days that he has raided the same area, his lack of artillery was very noticeable and only two or three guns were firing during the whole raid.

At 11-49pm the Front Line Companies reported that the raid had been successfully repulsed and our barrage was stopped.

The raided area included NUN’S ALLEY and COMMOTION SAPS and the ground in between.

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