Frederick Wheeler died of pulmonary oedema at Brookwood Asylum



wheeler-attestation-2Fredrick Wheeler was a 28 year old wood cutter from Surrey and attested in Guilford in February 1916 and posted to the Army Reserve. On the 8th April 1916 he was mobilised and posted to the 3/6th Battalion Sherwood Foresters the following day.heeler-april-1916

His Attestation was Certified at the Chesterfield Administrative Centre by Captain Thomas Swann. At this time he was given the 6th Battalion Regimental number of 5435.swann

Captain Thomas Swann


Frederick was later transferred to the 5th Reserve Battalion Sherwood Foresters, which was an amalgamation of the 3/5th and 3/6th Battalion that occurred on the 1st September 1916. He was renumbered 6200. In early 1917 he received the 6-digit number 202721 as part of the Territorial Force renumbering.wheeler-melancholia

It appears that Frederick suffered from periods of melancholic depression and he was transferred to Brookwood Asylum st some point during May 1916. He later took his own life on the 7th October 1917.wheeler-brothers

Frederick is buried next to his older brother Shadrick in Thursley (St. Michael) Churchyard, Surrey. Two other brothers William and Frank also appear to have served during the Great War.

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