On these days 17th-19th September 1917 patrols by the 5th and 7th Battalions

17/IX/17: Quiet day. Wind unfavourable for discharge of gas. A good patrol was done by 7th SF. The patrol fired 3 Lewis Gun magazines into enemy wiring party at close range. The wiring party was dispersed.

18/IX/17: Hostile artillery and TMs fairly quite on our sector. Wind again unfavourable for gas discharge. A good patrol was carried out by 5th SF. The patrol caused casualties to and dispersed a hostile wiring party.

19/IX/17: Hostile artillery rather active on right sub sector. Capt Dickens 7th SF had a lively patrol encounter in the early morning. The patrol of 1 Officer and 4 Ors saw 4 Germans approach them from enemy front line. Our patrol threw a bomb which killed 2 and drove back remaining 2. After waiting a few minutes 6 more Germans were seen. These were fired on by rifle and revolver and 1 was killed and 1 thought to be wounded, the remainder moving away. When returning the found themselves cut off by a party of 20 Germans who threw bombs. The patrol charged them and dispersed them wounding 1 man. Our casualties were 1 NCO wounded.dickins

Albert Light Moody Dickins MC, killed in action 21st March 1918

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]

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