On this day 8th May 1917

8.5.1917 TRENCHES: Military Medal awarded to following NCOs & men for gallantry on 23rd April at FOSSE 3 DE LIEVINmilitary_medal_obverse

  • 2973/240827 L/Cpl Albert Ernest Bedford a pottery worker from Whittington Moor240827 Bedford April 1917
  • 242476 Pte Kenneth Bresser242476 Bresser April 1917
  • 4113/241360 Pte Albert Evans241360 Evans April 1917
  • 1637/240194 Pte Thomas Wheatcroft a gas worker from Matlock 240194 Wheatcroft April 1917

1/6th Battalion War Diary [WO/95/2694]

Trenches May 8: Enemy fairly quite. MAROC and Level Crossing at GRENAY shelled.

139 Infantry Brigade: Headquarters War Diary [WO95/2692]


260001 Pte James Alfred Goodger and 7725/242515 Pte Thomas Cheetham were killed in action on this day

7725:242515 Cheetham

7725/242515 Pte Thomas Cheetham aged 20 and formerly of the South Nottinghamshire Hussars see here 260001 Goodger

260001 James Alfred Goodger had previously served with the 2nd Battalion and was the first man to by issued with the 26**** numbering series


A “Sherwood’s Row” in Plot II of Maroc British Cemetery in Grenay

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