On this day 3rd April 1917

3.4.1917 LIGNY-LES-AIRE: Annual Dinner given by remaining Sergeants of the original Sergeants Mess to the remaining Officers who were present at the first Dinner at BRAINTREE in February 1915.

List of Officers, Warrant Officers and Sergeants present at the Dinner held on 3rd April 1917Officers Arpil 1917

  • Lieutenant Colonel John Eaton Blackwell DSO (8th Battn)
  • Major Cyril Benton Johnson
  • Surgeon Major Arthur Wilson Shea
  • Captain William Seaton
  • Captain Victor Owen Robinson
  • Captain Cyril John Wheatcroft
  • Captain Charles Victor Henry Cheatham Blackwall
  • Captain Edeward Mallalieu Brooke-Taylor
  • Captain Joseph Tolson
  • Captain Humphrey Henry Jackson
  • Lieutenant Brian Eccles Johnson
  • Lieutenant Joshua Taylor
  • Lieutenant Donald Storrs Fox
  • Lieutenant and Quartermaster William Duncan Jamieson
  • 4508 RSM Herbert Henry Jackman
  • 166 RQMS William Barker
  • 356 CSM Thomas William Slater
  • 570 CSM George William Dakin
  • 2410 CSM Thomas Jackson Henshall
  • 170 CQMS Sampson Bennett
  • 265 CQMS John William Mycock
  • 812 CQMS Hubert Bacon
  • 1270 CQMS Thomas Jackson
  • 744 Sergeant James McMahon
  • 1767 Sergeant William John MacFarland
  • 570 Sergeant James Miller
  • 76 Sergeant William Kay
  • 1865 Sergeant Fred Pott
  • Sergeant S Burke
  • 146 Sergeant William Bramwell
  • Sergeant J Mellor (5th Battalion)

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