On this day a quick break from the diary….

A 5-day tour to visit Waterloo @200 years, 2nd Ypres @100 years and Azincourt @ 600 years.


Waterloo BattleWaterloo 18 June 1815-2015

Tyne Cot

Tyne CotTyne Cot SherwoodTyne Cot 1917-2015

azincourt 2015

Azincourt 1415-2015

Sanctuary WoodSanctuary Wood 2015

4 thoughts on “On this day a quick break from the diary….

  1. Depotter Michel

    Dear Sir,

    Being member of a music association, I’ve had the duty of my mayor to organise during 5 years some kind of concert. The concert 1914 was a great succes while every visitor received also a little book with pictures. Today I came on your site and I saw that you have very beautifull pictures. I’m from Nieuwpoort (another Front city that suffered a lot in WW I). While we extract our project to the rest of Belgium and even further, I’m interested in using some pictures.
    My question is if You allow me to download these pictures ? If You want to see more of our project I’ll give You our facebook :
    I hope to receive a positive answer and subscribe,
    In order and for account of
    Koninklijke Katholieke Fanfare Nieuwpoort (Royal catholic Fanfare Nieuwpoort)
    Depotter M


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