Kaiserschlacht vignettes: Arthur Pollard and Jack Kitchen

2/Lt Arthur Pollard and 305688 Company Sergeant Major Jack Kitchen

“He was first wounded by a German officer, but continued to assist his CSM (Jack Kitchen), who was also wounded, until they were both shot again, and killed instantly.”

From the Memorial Book of Leeds Modern School.

See Link.

Arthur Pollard from Leeds

Arthur Pollard

Second Lieutenant Arthur Pollard, “C” Company, 2/6th Battalion Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regiment, was killed in action on 21st March 1918. He was the 27 year-old son of Joseph Henry and Sarah Eleanor Pollard of 14 Eldon Place, Woodhouse Lane, Leeds.

Jack Kitchen from Mansfield

Jack served with both the 2/8th and the 2/6th Battalions
Jack’s wife Sarah received a pension

For Jack’s story see here.

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